The Year 2021 – Annual Wedding Review



We all entered 2021 with the hopes of it being a completely different 12 months to what 2020 was…but for many people, it sadly wasn’t the case. With border closures here in WA, an incredible number of weddings were faced with an array of cancellations and postponements thanks to restrictions and family members not being able to get into the state. 

Despite facing these arduous problems, 2021 has given me an opportunity to continue expanding my photography, and I’ve proudly marked 3 milestones this year.

Top 15 Finalists of the International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2021 Award

In this 2021 Year in Review, I’d love to share with you a taste of the weddings I photographed throughout the year. Each couple has their own story to tell, with their own personalities shining into my lens, and where every bride and groom filled their day with the best memory-making moments ever. I truly hope you enjoy my collection of wedding photography in and around Perth.

01. Mel & Eric’s Sandalford Wines Wedding on 2 January 2021

My first wedding of the year was with high school sweethearts Mel and Eric, who opted for a chic, metropolitan affair and a large bridal party. The day started in the bridal suite at The Crown in Perth where Mel spent the morning preparing, followed by a classic ceremony at St Michael the Archangel Chapel in West Leederville and a glorious bridal photo shoot at the University of Western Australia. We even managed to get some stunning photos at Sandalford Wines before the reception started (read the full story here)!

02. Dannielle & Daniel’s Leeming Spartan Cricket Club Wedding on 6 February 2021

Bride and groom, Dannielle and Daniel, were meant to have their dream wedding in the southwest town of Busselton, but in the second week of February WA was yet again faced with a snap lockdown and no one was allowed to travel outside the Perth region. With some quick thinking, though, the couple pulled off a last-minute wedding with the help of family members and their local cricket club – not even a lockdown, restrictions, or the wettest day in February could stop Dannielle and Daniel from tying the knot!

03. Emma & Jason’s Baldivis Farm Stay Wedding on 13 February 2021

I love a good farm stay themed wedding, and Emma and Jason pulled it off exactly how they wanted to! Rustic as far as the eye could see, the wedding was originally postponed thanks to COVID, but that just meant that the finer details could continue to be fine-tuned. Emma and her bridesmaids prepared for the day at a Mandurah BnB, whilst Jason stayed at the couple’s Baldivis home – not too far from the Baldivis Farm Stay where their nuptials, bridal shoot, and reception were all held. Photos were also taken at Langford Park in Jarrahdale, right at the golden hour (read the full story here).

04. Rebecca & Robert’s Barrett Lane Wedding on 14 February 2021

A wedding that was almost impacted by Perth’s snap lockdown, Rebecca and Robert managed to move their special day from 13 February 2021 so no one had to wear a mask – and being clever, only moved it down one day so that it landed on Valentine’s Day, and lockdown free! The couple wed at Barrett Lane, one of Perth’s most exclusive function centres in Herne Hill.

05. Evelyn & Richard’s Mulberry Estate Wedding on 28 February 2021

A modern Asian wedding donned Evelyn and Richard with a touch of romanticism and elegance, and I got an opportunity to witness not one, but two traditional tea ceremonies on both the bride’s and the groom’s, side of the families. Not only did they have pre-wedding celebrations, but the couple also wanted photos before the actual ceremony itself so we headed to the University of Western Australia to do just that. Their nuptials, bridal shoot, and reception were all held at Mulberry Estate in the Swan Valley, the perfect location with beautifully matured trees and right along the riverbank (read the full story here).

06. Zena and Brian’s Crown Tower Wedding on 4 March 2021

Crown Towers is a popular location for weddings, but each bride makes it her own with her touches of personality. Zena and Brian had the most sophisticated of events in March, with her colour theme really complimenting the bridal party and each element of the wedding. It was a sheer joy photographing for these newlyweds.

07. Amy and Alejandro’s Harold Baos Wedding on 9 April 2021

Hearts melted during Amy and Alejandro’s fairytale garden wedding in April, where vows were made at Boas Gardens in West Perth and cocktail reception soon followed at the Westin Hotel. This wedding in particular saw so much joy and elation as guests clapped and cheered, they were truly a couple loved by their friends and family. Our bridal photoshoot was also a lot of fun, with pictures taken at Hibernian Place in Perth’s East End and the city’s infamous fire station (read the full story here).

08. Paige & Sean’s The Vines Resort Wedding on 10 April 2021

Oh, we all love a resort-style wedding! Especially given all the travel restrictions, we just want to feel like we’re at a resort! Paige and Sean held their beautiful celebration at The Vines Resort in the Swan Valley from start to finish, and to top it off it was an overcast day – the most ideal conditions for outdoor photography! The couple got a chance to have bridal photos done on the golf course so we were met with plenty of lush greenery as well as the most abundant bougainvillea plant I’d ever come across (read the full story here).

09. Jess & Damon’s Baldavis Farm Wedding on 16 April 2021

The happy couple, Jess and Damon, chose to share their nuptials and celebrate with the closest of friends and family at Baldivis Farm Stay in mid-April. They found the right balance between sophistication, rustic-country charm, and fun with a super relaxing event, bringing all the beauty to guests without the fuss. Truly a charming day spent with these gorgeous newlyweds.

10. Lisa & Shem’s Mandoon Estate Wedding on 2 May 2021

The happy couple, Jess and Damon, chose to share their nuptials and celebrate with the closest of friends and family at Baldivis Farm Stay in mid-April. They found the right balance between sophistication, rustic-country charm, and fun with a super relaxing event, bringing all the beauty to guests without the fuss. Truly a charming day spent with these gorgeous newlyweds (read the full story here).

11. Felicia & Al’s Oxford Hotel Wedding on 8 May 2021

A little bit of Krispy Kreme, a little bit of champs…and a lot of sparkle and shimmer! So full of colour, pop culture and flair, Felicia and Alasdair were the most entertaining and buoyant couple I’d ever met – and it made for such an incredibly fun wedding to shoot! St Bernadette Catholic Church in Mt Hawthorn was their go-to ceremony location, whilst the heart of Perth city, Wolf Lane, kept everyone on their toes during the bridal shoot. A gorgeous reception at the Oxford Hotel, Leederville was party central for Felicia and Alasdair, and goodness…these two certainly left a mark on me (read the full story here)!

12. Jess and Jayson’s Riverview Church Wedding on 15 May 2021

A church ceremony at Riverview Church in Burswood was the perfect setting for Jess and Jayson’s wedding in mid-May. I was honoured to be their official photographer and capture pictures of their most treasured day, with the bridal shoot taking place at Claisebrook Cove.

13. Mel and Sean’s Caversham House Wedding on 22 May 2021

The rain during Melanie and Sean’s wedding made for spectacular photos, and I was so excited for this one! Yes, the weather was predicted to not be the best – for most people. But for the bride and groom, nothing was going to stop them from saying their nuptials and celebrating with every family member and friend. The well-known St Michael the Archangel Chapel in Leederville was home to Melanie and Sean’s nuptials, and as soon as the ceremony was finished we headed with umbrellas for photos in front of the Perth city skyline – what a fantastic prop for pictures! But the photos just got better and better when we got to Caversham House – a memorable day that was for sure (read the full story here).

14. Katie & Tom’s Buckland Estate Wedding on 29 May 2021

When you want a grandeur country wedding, where do you go? Buckland Estate in the Avon Valley, of course! Katie and Tom both got ready for their special day at the venue, with Katie surprising each member of her bridal party with the look of her dress – no one had seen it up until that very moment. Soon after when ready, the couple opted for a First Look session, to ease the pressure a bit before making their way to the ceremony, and it worked a treat. Their wedding was perfect, and I was thrilled to have captured their memories (read the full story here).

15. Rebecca & Murray’s Sandalford Wines Wedding on 5 June 2021

If I could showcase what the golden hour is like for photographers, then Rebecca and Murray’s wedding day at Sandalford Wines would be it. We had the most ideal bridal shoot at this amazing venue, and none of us could be happier with the moments captured through the lens.

16. John & Corry’s Waroona Wedding on 11 June 2021

I got an opportunity to go deep into the country of WA, with Corry and John’s wedding held in Waroona, about 120km south of Perth in mid-June. The bride being Indonesian and the groom from the Netherlands, their special day became much more of an intimate affair with COVID restrictions not allowing the family to attend, but thanks to country hospitality and amazing landscaping, Corry and John made their wedding day an event in their lives they will never forget (read the full story here).

17. Juleena & Jaimie’s Alf Faulkner Hall Wedding on 12 June 2021

One of the best surprises friends and family of Juleena and Jaimie could have ever received was their engagement-party-turned-wedding at Alf Faulkner Hall in Eden Hill. The gothic-themed celebrations got underway at 7pm, but we managed to secure some private outdoor photos before the party started!

18. Anita & Jarred’s Sandalford Wines Wedding on 19 June 2021

A very stylish yet small wedding was what Anita and Jarred wanted, with their special day taken care of at Sandalford Wines in June. Anita’s veil and bright red bouquet were definitely showcased pieces, and I could feel the love from everyone who was a part of their celebrations (read the full story here).

19. Jamey & Daniel’s Perth Town Hall Wedding on 29 July 2021

Jamey and Daniel married on their anniversary, and what an eventful wedding it was for everyone! Very cosmopolitan, chic and eclectic, the happy couple wanted photos with a difference – and with Perth and Fremantle’s unique locations, we got more than that! From Elizabeth Quay in the CBD to the Ferris wheel and old Wool Stores in Fremantle, Jamey and Daniel delighted with their contagious personalities. It was so easy photographing them and their bridal party, they just went with the flow of everything (read the full story here)!

20. Hannah & Bean’s Mulberry Estate Wedding on 7 August 2021

Another wedding impacted by WA’s border closures, Hannah and Bean Bannister’s nuptials at Mulberry Estate in the Swan Valley were still a-go despite about half of their bridal party members not able to attend. Both from Albany, the newlyweds had life-size cutouts made of certain people who couldn’t come to celebrate – talk about a great sense of humour!

21. Renae & Renae’s Buckland Estate Wedding on 14 August 2021

Animal lovers and farm owners Renae and Renae (how amazing, am I right?!) were very fortunate and lucky to have the canola blooming at Buckland Estate, where they got married. The bright yellow colours really turned it on for their photos, and we took full advantage of the estate’s entire glorious acreage.

22. Hannah & Jeffrey’s Burswood on Swan Wedding on 28 August 2021

High school sweethearts Hannah and Jeffrey hosted a stylish wedding seeped in elegance and luxury, where thankfully the rain stayed away but the celebrations kept coming! Their nuptials were held along the foreshore with a magical arbour arch and a view of the city as well as the new Matagarup Bridge – very impressive to get all of that in one location! Not far from there, bridal photos were taken at Claisebrook Cove, a sentimental spot for the couple as they had their very first date there. With Burswood on Swan their party venue, celebrations went deep into the night ( read the full story here).

23. Roena & Aidan’s Quarry Farm Wedding on 5 September 2021

It was soft pinks and rustic farm glory for Roena and Aiden’s wedding day at Quarry Farm in Whitby, where a private lake awaited them for their ceremony and gave that touch of elegance, country-style, under the white classic gazebo. Their chosen venue provided an abundance of picturesque spots for us to take bridal photos, from the traditional barn to an entire row of Jacaranda trees during the golden hour. Lush greenery was a winner here at Quarry Farm, especially in September (read the full story here).

24. Linda & Tim’s Sandalford Wines Wedding on 24 September 2021

Wedding papers were signed all the way back in August, but Linda and Tim chose to celebrate the occasion with close friends and family in late September. They had asked me to be a part of their special day, and we had chosen some amazing spots around the city full of colour and life, as well as in Guildford, before heading to their reception at Sandalford Wines.

25. Claudia & Mark’s Old Tower House Peth City Wedding on 25 September 2021

Such an incredible experience, this wedding was. Claudia and Mark had a very intimate marriage signing ceremony at the Old Tower House in Northbridge before the three of us made our way around Perth for bridal shots. It was such a beautiful event to be a part of, and it gave us the freedom to go to as many places as possible in one area.

26. Emmy & Rhys’ Harold Baos Gardens Wedding on 23 October 2021

Emmy and Rhys wanted bridal photos done in Perth before their actual ceremony at Harold Boas Gardens, and I happily obliged. A fun and delightful wedding, these newlyweds definitely knew how to work the camera lens!

27. Jade & Paul’s Karnup Backyard Wedding on 30 October 2021

Oh my gosh, these two! Jade and Paul secretly eloped a few months earlier, and simply wanted a big party with their friends and family. Held on Jade’s parents’ property, the already-husband-and-wife surprised guests with their elopement video, and after a stunning bridal shoot during sunset, partied well into the night for a glorious celebration of their love.

28. Chau & Martin’s St Micheal The Archangel Wedding on 31 October 2021

Truly a princess bride had arrived into the arms of an awaiting groom, with Chau and Martin’s church wedding held at St Michael the Archangel in Leederville. After beautiful nuptials, their bridal shoot took place across various locations of the Perth CBD, including the Blue Boat House along the Swan River.

29. Catherine & Sally’s Noble River Estate Wedding on 6 November 2021

Truly a princess bride had arrived into the arms of an awaiting groom, with Chau and Martin’s church wedding held at St Michael the Archangel in Leederville. After beautiful nuptials, their bridal shoot took place across various locations of the Perth CBD, including the Blue Boat House along the Swan River ( read the full story here ).

30. Melissa & Zachery’s Buckland Estate Wedding on 20 November 2021

Melissa and Zachary tied the knot with a picturesque wedding at Buckland Estate in the Avon Valley. The property’s stately Victorian Georgian manor set the tone for this couple’s rustic celebrations with beautiful views coming from all directions, from the homestead to the rolling hills. The bridal shoot screamed romanticism, and I was thrilled with how the couple’s memories were captured.

31. Cheska & Melvin’s Wheatbealt Wedding on 22 November 2021

Ever wanted a truly unique wedding that very few people had ever thought of? Well, Cheska and Melvin originally wanted and had organised, to get married in a hot air balloon in the skies above Northam. Sadly, due to inclement weather, the flight was cancelled – but a bride always has a Plan B! Their nuptials were performed at the Northam Airbase with closest family and friends by their side, and even though the hot air balloon didn’t take off, we still got some truly amazing photos! We then headed off for more pictures in the historic town of York, which gave us plenty of options for unique and interesting backdrops.

32. Mel & Travis’ Mandurah Backyard Wedding on 27 November 2021

Ever wanted a truly unique wedding that very few people had ever thought of? Well, Cheska and Melvin originally wanted and had organised, to get married in a hot air balloon in the skies above Northam. Sadly, due to inclement weMel and Travis read out their vows and committed to one another with a fun-filled backyard wedding in Mandurah, where they could let loose and be all starry-eyed over one another in the comfort of loved ones. This pair of teachers really knew how to pose for the camera, and I could feel them relax quite early on in the day.

33. Emily & Logan’s Mulberry Estate Wedding on 4 December 2021

When you love cars and heavy metal music, they have to be a part of your wedding day, right?! Emily and Logan got married at Mulberry Estate in the Swan Valley just a few weeks ago, and we got their special vehicles featured in the backdrop of a fair few photos. Tying in perfectly with the property’s charm and Australiana feel, the couple stayed cool, calm and collected throughout the day – with plenty of fun thrown in!

34. Mitchell and Luis’ Buckland Estate Wedding on 11 December 2021

I couldn’t get enough of this massive celebration for Mitchell and Luis at the Avon Valley’s Buckland Estate. From grandeur portraits inside the manor to popping champagne and spraying everyone, this wedding was one of the biggest triumphs of love, commitment and passion I’d ever been a part of. It was such a pleasure to be Mitchell and Luis’ official wedding photographer.

35. Ivon & Jonathan Ng’s Dalkeith Anglican Church Wedding on 18 December 2021

The Dalkeith Anglican Church was the venue of choice for Ivon and Jonathan’s beautifully styled wedding nuptials, followed by a crisp and sleek reception at Crown Towers. The bridal shoot was also at Crown, where we took advantage of the many beautiful angles and city skyline views.


I cannot thank my couples enough for the remarkable year that was 2021. For some of you, we faced varying challenges, whilst for others, we got an opportunity to celebrate and make amazing memories without much change to plans. I am humbled and honoured that you entrusted me with being your photographer and capturing the moments you can now re-live every minute of every day – and sharing the images with those who could not be there. 

The new year is a mystery – what will it bring? The fantastic news is that with WA’s border opening back up to the rest of the country in early February, there will be more certainty for weddings to go ahead, and I can’t wait to be a part of all my future couple’s special day. I truly look forward to making magic with all of you in 2022!



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