Felicia + Alasdair – Oxford Hotel Perth Wedding


Sparkle, shine, and a bit of shimmer for Felicia and Alasdair

One of the most colourful and entertaining weddings I’ve ever been to, Felicia and Alasdair celebrated their special day together with close friends and family on 8 May, 2021 – full of merriment, affection and enchantment.

The happy couple met on Tinder, connecting over a love of pop culture and all things ‘geeky’, so it was only natural the bond that saw them grow closer together be a deep and meaningful part of their wedding day.

Felicia opted to prepare for the festivities at an industry warehouse-looking AirBnB in Mt Lawley with her sister and Maid of Honour Claire, her Man of Honour Ben, her mum, the flower girl Rebecca and Page Boy Lincoln. By the time I’d arrived to start the process of taking photos, I could tell this was going to be a wedding full of Felicia and Alasdair’s personalities – balloons in the background, rainbow colour hair pieces in the bride’s French braid, and shimmery shoes were incredibly unique.

With happy photos taken of the bride with her bridal party and family, it was soon time to put on the gown and take everyone’s breath away. The backdrop at the AirBnB was absolutely perfect for taking portrait photos of Felicia, and made her look like she was a queen in a painting – the fun we had with the soft layers amongst her gown made for spectacular posing.

My assistant photographer made his way to Alasdair’s house in Mt Lawley, where the bride and groom shared a happy home together (and conveniently only minutes away from the church and reception!). With the family cat in the background making sure everything was going to plan, Alasdair took the morning in his stride, preparing with his mum, sister and her son (Alasdair’s nephew) Asher.

When Alasdair put on his exquisite red tuxedo, it was definitely a wow factor and really complimented his personality.

Before we knew it, it was time for Alasdair to put on his sunnies, grab the champagne, and hop in the car to get to St Bernadette Catholic Church in Mt Hawthorn where he calmly walked in and made his way to the alter to await his bride.

To pass the time, Alasdair chatted amongst the guests, and before long there was word Felicia had arrived, bouquet in hand and ready to marry the love of her life. With the adorable flower girl and two page boys making a gorgeous show of coming down the aisle, Alasdair finally got the opportunity to spot his bride-to-be as she made her way towards him.

Hand in hand, side by side, the couple said their vows, exchanged rings, and signed their marriage papers before being declared husband and wife, sealing the deal with a kiss. The crowd cheered in unison, clapping and smiling to finally see Felicia and Alasdair tie the knot and walk together back out of the church ready for all the congratulatory greetings and hugs.

The newlyweds opted for a private bridal shoot, where it was just the two of them so they could be themselves, as silly and fun and awkward and happy as they could possibly be. With some quick photos inside the church by the stainglass windows – because I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity with regards to the angelic lighting – our first stop was Harold Boas Gardens in West Perth, where Felicia’s parents got married many decades ago. The sentimentality of the location was imminent the minute we got there, and we spent a good amount of time walking through the various sections of the park where we would incorporate stunning backdrops including a little footbridge, walkways, the water’s edge, luscious foliage, and even a children’s playground.

These two had such an amazing time together, I could see how they got along so well and were totally suited to spend their lives with one another.

Once we finished at the gardens, we headed off to Wolf Lane in the city where the goal was twofold – a second stop for bridal photos, and for the bride and groom to pick up some ‘wedding cakes’ aka a large batch of Krispy Kreme donuts!

Wolf Lane is known for its eclectic street art, bar life, and overall arty vibe so photos here for weddings is fantastic for those who love colour and a bit of flavour – definitely up Felicia and Alasdair’s ally, so to speak and no pun intended! And on the way to get the donuts, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take pictures of that!

We finished off our bridal shoot on the rooftop at Queen Street – Perth views are amazing from here, and the sun was starting to get low, a most ideal time of day for a photographer. So – more champagne! More laughs! More celebrating! And then time for some smoke bomb action!

Night began to fall and it was time to head to the cocktail reception, held at the Oxford Hotel in Leederville, where the set up just lit up the room – a cake with his and hers Lego figurines, donuts, a lolly table, fairy lights, props for photos, a guest message table and ‘treasure chest’ gift box. What a setup!

I made my way around the room taking photos of all the guests before Felicia and Alasdair made their appearance and found their spots at the King and Queen chairs – very pop culture! Before long, speeches were made, the bridal waltz was danced, the cake was cut, and the donuts were engulfed. A fantastic day, and a brilliant night for one very happy couple.

My sincerest thank you to Felicia and Alasdair for allowing me to be your photographer on your special day. I wish for you both to live a life of love and joy together – don’t ever let the sparkle or the colour go dull; keep it shining bright for all eternity and for all to see. 

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