Kora + Dylan – Northbridge Rebel Rebel Wedding Chapel Elopement


Let Them Eat Cake! Kora and Dylan’s Rebellious Wedding

I was contacted by Kora and Dylan just two days before they tied the knot, and I couldn’t have been happier to say yes to this fabulous couple and photograph their special day.

On 4 September 2022, I met with the lovebirds at Rebel Rebel Wedding Chapel in Northbridge. A new concept in Perth, the venue is a total Vegas vibe that caters for intimate ceremonies, whether they’re elopements or not, and is cute, funky and full of life. This particular Sunday, Kora and Dylan celebrated by having a Sunday afternoon ceremony with their closest family members – about 12 people in total – before kicking on for post-ceremony celebrations in the city.

I made sure to take plenty of pictures before everyone walked in, because how could I not?! It’s pink and purple, with cupids and soft chairs and disco balls…well, the photos simply speak to themselves!

Before Kora and Dylan made their appearances, guests were given a glass of bubbly to kick off the celebrations and left to mingle. Soon, Kora arrived looking as glorious as ever, with her dad in tow and ready to say her vows…we managed some sneaky ‘before wedding’ photos outside before making our way into the chapel.

Back inside, Dylan was at the ready in front of the pink-hued alter, awaiting his bride. She made her entrance, and her beautiful gown flowed around her – she looked stunning and even pregnant (yes! Baby on the way!) she absolutely rocked the high heels like a complete boss lady!

These adorable words from the celebrant really put Kora and Dylan’s relationship into perspective:

“Introducing Kora & Dylan, the cutest of honeys…this hospo king and queen met working at a restaurant in Melbourne and would share late night train journeys home – cute! A little flirt in the kitchen at work one night led Dylan to squirt Kora right in the eye with oven cleaner, and not water like he thought he was….cue some prompt first aid and a trip to the emergency dept together! By way of apology, Dylan took Kora out to a hole-in-the-wall creperie for lunch and the rest, as they say, is history.”

There were smiles all around as the bride and groom said their vows, exchanged rings and were met with their “I do’s”. What I really love about Rebel Rebel is that the celebrant steps away from the traditional position of standing in-between the couple…instead, they stand at the bottom of the alter to the side, and I find this not only allows for great photos of just the newlyweds, but really puts the attention and the focus on the two that are getting married. It’s a concept that may be new to everyone, but in hindsight is a fantastic way to make the ceremony 100% all about the bride and groom.

With confetti popped open at the very end of the vows, the first kiss as husband and wife was met with cheers and sheer joy, and finally a walk down the aisle for a meet with guests.

Rebel Rebel may be a chapel, but there sure are plenty of places inside to take exceptionally rad photos for weddings! Following the congratulatory hugs and praises from friends and family, Kora and Dylan signed their official documents in a quiet corner and later took everyone back to the alter for guest pictures. We had a session of cutting the cake (these two are so cute, you can’t bypass these photos!) and then captured some portrait images – can I just say, the lighting at this venue is spot on?! It’s light, it’s airy, it’s absolutely ideal. Even the purple hinge at the bottom of the stairs really put a ‘mood’ into the imagery.

Soon after the chapel celebrations, I took Kora and Dylan outside for a quick official bridal shoot where the wall art well and truly matched their personalities. It wasn’t long before it was time for them to take their guests out for an intimate reception at the Mechanics Institute Bar in Perth, and the newlyweds and I parted ways.

To Kora and Dylan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your gorgeous nuptials! I feel we cliqued so well on the day, and I felt your happiness throughout the entire time we spent together. I wish you both the very best in your marriage, with nothing but joy, love and a life full of bliss!




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