Emma and Caitlin  – Perth Hillarys Yacht Club Wedding


Yacht Club Meets Playground At Caitlin And Emma’s Wedding

Having met amongst mutual friends and now together for six years, Emma and Caitlin have been side-by-side since day one. It all started with a drinking game at a mate’s 21st, and when Caitlin made a rule that everyone had to hold their elbows into their bodies and play with ‘T-Rex arms’…Emma knew she had found ‘the one’.

That sense of humour has played along all the way through to their wedding day. On 10 September 2022, the happy couple locked in their vows and made their forever commitment in front of family and friends, dedicating themselves to a long life in harmony, and I was very fortunate to have been asked to be their official wedding photographer.

We did things a little differently for Caitlin and Emma, and I love it when my couples change things up a bit.

First port of call (no pun intended…okay, maybe!) was Hillarys Yacht Club, just along the north coast of Perth where Emma arrived first to greet all the guests. Incredibly unique, the ceremony venue was created outside by the jetty, in full view of all the yachts and water down below. A single red carpet led its way to the square arbor, which was decorated ever so lightly with natural flora. After capturing the essence of where the couple would say their vows, I took Emma for some portraits inside before getting the groomsmen and family with her for more photos. She looked so dapper in her dark navy suit, you can see in all the photos you simply couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

Emma got a chance to officially greet all the guests as they arrived, but before long it was time to make her way to the alter where the celebrant was patiently waiting, and soon after that, the flower girl’s adorable entrance was the signal that Caitlin wasn’t far behind. There might have been a slight breeze, but that didn’t stop the bride from walking down the aisle, beaming from ear to ear, as she strolled arm in arm with her dad down the glorious red carpet.     

All eyes were on Caitlin and Emma, and I loved how much room I got to play with in terms of angles and where I could stand to get the best shot. From here and there to everywhere, opportunities like this at weddings provide so many more options for varying photos, and I definitely got that on the yacht club’s boardwalk.

With the happy couple saying their vows, signing the official documents, and exchanging rings, it was time for their first kiss as a married couple, and there was nothing but joy and cheer as they made their way back up the aisle for a big group photo.

One of the important things we make sure to capture at weddings is the congratulations and the embraces from guests. Caitlin and Emma made sure to get through all their loved ones before taking family photos individually at the arbour and then heading off for their official bridal shoot.

There were some bright blue roller doors around the corner that caught my eye, so I immediately drew the bridal party to get in front of one of them. When you’re a professional photographer, anything with bright, vivid colours can make a world of difference – and it’s fantastic, because it can be a shed door or the entrance to a cathedral, it can be a beautiful red and orange maple tree or graffiti art in the city. If it makes the photos pop and provides an interesting backdrop, all I can say is…just go for it!

In the end, hilarity ensued during this shoot, and we soon made our way to Whitfords Nodes Park for a variety in landscapes. With the beginning of spring, flowers had already started to bloom on some of the trees and bushes, and it made for gorgeous scenery…as did the playground!

Let’s face it – you simply can’t go past a play area when there’s adults letting loose! Everyone brought out their inner child for a little while before getting more candid shots and then finally walking to the Hillarys Marina lighthouse, which wasn’t far away at all. The angles, the lighting, the colours, the backdrops – heaven! I think we all got a kick out of heading to this location and getting some truly unique pictures that not many have gotten before.

The final stop was back at the marina, where Caitlin and Emma took some time out to themselves for photos in front of the yachts before heading into Hillarys Yacht Club for the reception. Everything was so sleek and sophisticated, I managed to get into the room before all the guests did to take shots of all the décor, and soon enough, everyone was arriving through the doors! My couples always love seeing how happy their guests are, so I always make sure to walk around to each table and snap away at everyone having a good time.

Speeches were made, dinner was served, laughs were had, and the night rolled on.

Congratulations to both of you, Caitlin and Emma, on a beautiful wedding day that will not be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture all your special moments, and I hope your lives together are full of love, joy and all the happiness in the world.




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