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Meet Dennis

Hi! I’m Dennis. I’m dedicated to giving you photographs that celebrate your special occasion, make your parents proud and your friends jealous. Dennis Tan Creative allows me to capture cherished moments on film. I to do this with the goal of transporting you back to that exact moment each time you see the image. My approach is unobtrusive and friendly, gently guiding you to the right position to produce unique, beautiful moments – without strict styling or restrictive staged poses. I love the play of light through dappled trees and the stark shadows created by architectural spaces. My goal is to provide my couples with creative photography that matches the vision you have of your wedding day. I’m passionate, down to earth, easy going and trustworthy. I work hard to create a style of photography that puts your story first and allows me to capture your environment, your love, your emotion, and the people you cherish on the most important day of your life. The Dennis Tan Creative logo is my name 丰 in Chinese, and it means ‘abundant’.  


Below are some fun facts about me!


FUN FACT #1: I'm an Ironman

I have completed 3 Ironman triathlons, each consisting of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run. All three disciplines must be completed in within 17 hours. These races were bucket list items to challenge myself and push my body to its limits. I have also completed many marathons.


FUN FACT #2: I love KFC

Who doesn’t love finger-lickin' good fried chicken? My favourite pastime is watching reality TV with a bucket of KFC in my hands. #sorrynotsorry


FUN FACT #3: I'm a Geek

I graduated in Software Engineering and worked in the IT industry for 14 years before switching to photography full-time.

I enjoy Lego, sci-fi movies and Anime and own a PS4 and Nintendo Switch. My favourite games series are Final Fantasy, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Metroid and more...


FUN FACT #4: I'm Bilingual

I grew up in Malaysia and was exposed to a multicultural environment. In school, I learned English, Mandarin and Bahasa and I'm fluent in all three languages.


FUN FACT #5: I'm a Sport Photographer

I ’m an established sports photographer (@paparazziontherun) in Perth, specialising in triathlon (swim, bike and run).

My work has won a number of awards and been published in several magazines.


FUN FACT #5: I'm a Supporter of Marriage Equality

- Love is love - a basic human right
- Sexuality doesn’t define us



  • Australia’s Top 4 Emerging Wedding Photographer 2020
  • AIPP WA Epson Professional Photography Awards – Documentary Photographer of the Year 2018 Finalist
  • Australia’s Top Emerging Sports Photographer 2016, 2018 Finalist
  • Finalist in One Eye Land World’s Top 10 Black & White Photographers 2018
  • Finalist – 2017 Australian Photography Awards – APA Documentary Category
  • Mandurah Portrait + Landscape 2016 1st Prize – Smartphone Award
  • ClickWest 2016 – Portrait & Landscape Finalist
  • ClickWest 2014 – Mono Finalist
  • 29th Perth National Photographic Exhibition (Perth Royal Show) – 1st Prize Mono

Now that you know a bit about me, I’d love to learn a little bit about you. Why not call me and have a chat?