His tenyear plus professional photographic journey began by accident, an injury in fact.

When Dennis’s athletics career was cut short by an injured hip, he leaned on his love of photography to remain close to his beloved sport and fellow triathletes. Soon, he found himself capturing images of triumph and tribulation from the sidelines.

As his technical skill and artistry grew so too did Dennis’s fascination with people and their stories, Denis’s software engineering career now gave way to life as a sport and lifestyle photographer. Combining a flair for shooting fast moving events with a love of portraiture opened the door to the wedding industry and ultimately to becoming the multi award winning creative wedding photographer he is today.

Along with a reputation for producing authentic candid works and beautiful motion infused stills, Dennis is well known for his ability to melt the self-consciousness that obstructs truly great portraiture. Well-travelled and multilingual, Dennis is a Malaysian Australian and citizen of the world with a diverse life experience that permeates his aesthetic sensibility and cultural understanding.

From humble roots and deprived of photography in his youth, Dennis believes this lack of valuable keepsake images taught him the value of capturing important events and fuels his determination to create unique and meaningful photography for his clients.

Rest assured that a fusion of Dennis’s creativity and experience with your vision will produce kinetic imagery of enduring meaning and value.

Now that you know a bit about me, I’d love to learn a little bit about you.

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