Chris + Mitch – Wanneroo Pine Forest Engagement


Infatuation and devotion in between inspiring smiles

Chris and Mitch’s smiles will no doubt inspire your own as you witness their love for one another. That, paired with the stunning early morning sunlight and shadows hitting every corner of foliage available, was the making of a perfect engagement shoot. From their colour-coordinated outfits to the natural setting bathed in ravishing glow, Chris and Mitch were truly fabulous to work with.

Capturing the couple out of the hustle and bustle of the city, amidst the magnificent scenery at Wanneroo Pine Forest in early August, I aimed to match their laid back, classic style. It was exciting to score the winning trifecta for this engagement shoot – an amazing location, great morning light, and a super loved up couple.

Chris and Mitch absolutely nailed the comfortability factor in front of the lens, walking together and enjoying all the privacy at their disposal for intimate, intense photographs. I could clearly see their relationship was a delicate balance between one another, each one offering the other’s needs on an intuitive level.

They are two of the sweetest individuals I’d ever come across, and I wanted to ensure that their photoshoot portrayed just that. It was such a delight to spend the beautiful morning at the pine forest; I think time even stopped a little when they walked hand-in-hand through the enchanting thicket of the landscape.

Photographing the couple gave light to an endless capsule of abundant devotion and infatuation. It was in Chris’s smile as he leaned in close, and it was in the way Mitch’s eyes shone bright as he studied Chris’s face.

Engagement sessions like Chris and Mitch’s are the perfect time for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera as they plan ahead for their nuptials, and friendships can really develop during the time I spend with them (plus, it’s a great excuse to showcase some public display of affection!). My intention is always to capture the beginning stages of an everlasting love story, and Chris and Mitch – enraptured by their own affection for one another – characterised every element of that notion. They had wanted photos to announce their engagement, and I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of that

Chris and Mitch are in such a beautiful stage of their relationship, but still have an entire lifetime ahead of creating memories and building their dream. I am so incredibly excited for them!



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