Alex + Courtney – Dunsborough Solitaire Homestead Wedding


Beautiful Country Wedding For Alex and Courtney

Locking eyes at each other at the Gay Parade March for the police force some years ago now, Alex and Courtney have been in love ever since. Courtney made a strong first impression with her firm handshake, and when Covid welcomed itself through the doors of WA, their relationship elevated during quarantine – because what better way for that to happen then Courtney passing on Covid to Alex?!

Now living in Broome, surrounded by the sand and surf, and making a life together with their two dogs Oscar and Nala, Alex and Courtney came down to Perth and then headed further south to celebrate their wedding day at the Solitaire Homestead in Dunsborough on 17 February, 2023.

Both getting ready at the Homestead, but in separate rooms so as to not see each other, Alex and Courtney – who brought along their pups too! – each spent time with their chosen bridal party members to prepare and help calm the nerves. Both were dressed in stunning white gowns, their nearest and dearest by their sides, all the finishing touches were done and we set off for pre-wedding portraits inside their rooms before a First Look shoot.

First Looks have grown in popularity over the last few years, where the bridal couple have a quiet few minutes together, seeing each other just before heading off to the ceremony. It’s a time to share this special moment in a more private setting, help calm each other down, and it provides more opportunities for extra photos.

I got Alex and Courtney to come back inside to get some pictures with Oscar and Nala, and the doggos didn’t disappoint – they were on their best behaviour!

Because the ceremony was on the Homestead, it wasn’t far for me to get to the location where the happy couple would say their vows, and it was a great chance for me to snap away and capture the atmosphere of all the guests. Before we all knew it though, Alex appeared at the altar whilst Oscar and Nala were led down the aisle, and then Courtney came around the corner to make her way to Alex.

All their friends and family watched on in delight as the couple said their vows, utilising a beautiful vintage double door instead of an archway at the altar; and I love it when marriage celebrants stand to the side of the couple, not in between them – a photographer can really make their photos stand out this way. When you see the pictures of Alex and Courtney standing together, hands clasped as they look at each other, you can see what I mean – there’s no celebrant getting in the way of photos. It’s just the two of them, which is the way it’s meant to be.

With the recital of vows, exchanging of rings and their first kiss as newlyweds, Alex and Courtney walked back up the aisle with the loud sounds of cheers and clapping from all their guests.

It was a quick few minutes with everyone for family and friend portraits before it was just the bridal party for the bridal shoot. The vintage double door at the altar was a hit, so we got more shots in front of that before walking down a ways and creating happy snaps on the property.

Guests were already mingling at cocktail hour, so we headed there for some refreshments and for the couple to see everyone who had attended. Because the sun was setting though, I got Alex and Courtney to come with me and head off for more photos – because ‘Golden Hour’ – and started the early evening shoot on a country-style backyard swing, on bushland, and then we finally made our way to the local beach.

This was a fun and incredibly romantic shoot – Alex and Courtney blew me away with how natural they were in front of the lens; working with them with so easy. I mean, we could have stayed at the beach for hours and hours, but alas, a few more shots in an open field and then we all headed back to the Homestead’s reception where everyone could party the night away.

Thank you to you both, Alex and Courtney, for choosing me to capture all those special moments on your wedding day, and for being such an amazing couple to work with. I wish you every happiness the world has to offer, and a lifetime of love and joy together.


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