Paige + Sean – The Vines Resort Wedding


Paige and Sean feature a resort-style wedding at The Vines

Paige and Sean’s private resort wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and family with their gorgeous day held on 10 April, 2021.

Both the bride and groom got ready in separate rooms at The Vines Resort with plenty of champagne and laughs in the bridal suite. I arrived with enough time to photograph the finishing touches on Paige’s hair and make-up, and then her beautiful little Flowergirl. And whilst the ladies and Paige’s parents mingled, chatted and got the morning started, Paige slipped on her bridal gown with help from her mum, a picture-perfect woman ready to go marry the man of her dreams.

With last minute words from her dad, and fixing up all the finishing touches like her veil and shoes, the family photos and bride portraits began. The bridal suite at The Vines showcased some fantastic sheer curtains, and I love these types of window fixtures because they allow the light to come through softly, almost like a filter. Straight away I knew we’d get perfect photos in this part of the room so it was my absolute first choice before we headed outside and made our way to the ceremony.

My assistant photographer headed to the groom’s suite, also at The Vines Resort, where Sean and his groomsmen were pretty relaxed and chilled the entire time! There were lots of laughs, lots of funny moments, and even a spot of game playing on a Nintendo Switch to wind down before the big event! What a great morning seeing how calm and collected the boys were.

Guests had begun to arrive at The Vines’ Garden Pavilion, where the ceremony was due to be held, a beautiful outdoor space under a wooden decked roof for shelter from the sun or rain. Before long, the bridal music began and one-by-one the bridesmaids walked to the alter in anticipation of the bride – and then Paige made her appearance, together with her dad, her veil flowing in the slight breeze.

Sean’s face never faltered, his smile as big as he could get it, and with the rings exchanged, vows declared, and marriage papers signed, Paige and Sean were finally declared husband and wife.

Happy in love and happy now in marriage, guests came to congratulate the newlyweds before we did group shots and headed off for bridal photos.

For some, an overcast day doesn’t always mean perfect weather, but for a photographer having the clouds take over the skies means the best opportunity for wedding photography. It provides me, and the lens, with diffused light so balanced and even light is falling everywhere – picture it like a giant soft box to avoid strong shadows and harsh sunlight.

Paige and Sean’s wedding day was the perfect overcast day.

Setting off in a group of golf carts, the bridal party zoomed off to the first location on site at The Vines, a wide open space on the golf course with plenty of greenery and lots of celebratory champagne. Along the way, there was a large, beautiful bush of bougainvillea, so taking group images in front of the dark pink flowers gave a lot of texture to the backdrop.

And off in the golf carts again, there was no way I could pass up the chance to take photos of the local kangaroo mob grazing on the grass, so I made sure to capture the shots before Paige and Sean made their way through the vineyard while the bridesmaids and groomsmen had their own fun waiting.

Our final bridal shoot scenario lay at the top of a hill, and the exposure here for the angles was absolutely ideal, this was a really romantic shoot and gave a ‘Gone With The Wind’ feel to it all.

The reception was held at The Vines’ function room, and was a space that completely matched the ceremony with its décor and ambience. Guests began to filter through and before we knew it, it was time for the bridal party to come waltzing in and welcome the guests of honour. It was a great time for Paige and Sean to personally thank their friends and family for coming as they made their way around the room to see everyone, and then it was time for food, drinks, speeches and some dancing!

Following the father-daughter dance, the newlyweds played a game before taking to the floor for their own first dance as husband and wife – and soon enough, everyone else was inspired to follow suit.

Paige and Sean, I wish you both all the happiness in your marriage and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. All my best for your futures together, may all your dreams as a couple come true.

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