Jemma and Ben – Lamont’s Bishop House Perth City Wedding


Modern, classy inner city wedding for Ben and Jemma

Ben and Jemma’s wedding at Lamont’s Bishops House in the Perth CBD was in perfect style of modern romantic musings in metropolis. The couple opted for an inner city wedding day on April 5, 2019 that utilised stunning gardens and made everything around them appear effortless.

Their special day was classically beautiful in every detail, and because of this, it was picture-perfect for me as a photographer to capture. As the morning began to draw closer and closer to ceremony time, both sides of the bridal party prepared at Fraser Suites Perth, in the heart of the city and overlooking the Perth CBD. For a photographer, this is ample opportunity to visit both the bride and the groom without factoring in travel time, and allows me to relax more knowing all sides of the party will be photographed evenly.

The groom and his groomsmen rocked modern looks with dark blue suits, deep red ties and matching boutonnieres, and with the accommodation providing spacious living for preparations, Ben’s family could comfortably visit and spend time together as he nervously got himself mentally and emotionally ready for his commitment to marry the love of his life Jemma. They certainly made him laugh and compose himself before they all set off for the ceremony, and it was a seamless experience for me to capture these moments as everyone was so easy going.

As I moved to photograph the bride and her bridesmaids nearby, it was clear that Jemma was not one for the big white dress, instead opting to wear an incredible soft grey design whilst her bridesmaids took on the deep red tones that the groom’s party were featuring.

Jemma’s gorgeous bouquet stood out due to its size, and so I took advantage of its variety in shape and colour when it came to capturing pre-ceremony images. 

Above all, Ben and Jemma wanted their wedding to reflect the two of them as a couple, and the garden setting within the Perth CBD embodied just that. An intimate affair, the decorations tied in perfectly with the background; hints of deep red embedded in the floral archway and a stylish non-symmetrical flow of fabric beautifully capping off the simplicity of this modern, classy wedding. It was perfect attention to detail, even with the guests’ seating made of wood to embody nature.

Despite Jemma’s deviation from the norm with the colour of her dress, she absolutely looked the princess as she stepped out of the classic car limousine and into the garden path towards her soon-to-be-husband. You could not wipe the smile off Ben’s face as he saw his spectacular bride for the first time, his happiness spreading through the air to everyone who was witnessing their vows and promises to one another.

A wedding like Ben and Jemma’s is a favourite style for me as a photographer – the gardens at Lamont’s Bishops House provide me with so many angles, backgrounds, light and colour that I can run around like a madman to get as many shots as possible (without disrupting the nuptials, of course!). The juxtaposition between cosmopolitan sky-high buildings in the background and green nature at everyone’s feet is just the ticket when it comes to creating fabulous and memorable backdrops in city-style wedding photography.

Their celebrant struck just the right chord for their ceremony, with all the feels so guests felt embraced, and like they were a real part of the nuptials, and despite it being an intimate affair as mentioned previously, there was a lot of love to give between the bride, groom, and their guests – it certainly felt larger than life.

On the way to John Oldham Park and the Narrow’s Bridge in South Perth for bridal photos, everyone got comfortable in the limousine and celebrated with sparkling wine (seemingly setting the tone for the night’s dance floor shenanigans!). Ben and Jemma thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the bridal party when they spotted a children’s playground! And again, the contrasting environments of the first shoot in the park, and then the second under the Narrow’s Bridge, really complemented the look of the ceremonial photographs. And as the sun began to set on the Perth horizon, Ben and Jemma had by then fully and truly relaxed into the lens and let their quiet moments open up for me.

Back at the reception, guests were excitedly awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom, and the laughter and chatter amongst them was infectious. These are parts of the day that Ben and Jemma didn’t get to see – the intermingling of their close friends and family, so it was important I capture the essence and the vibe of pre-party time for them to look back on.

As the city lights began to flicker on, and the fairy lights above the tables twinkled in the setting sun’s shadows, Ben and Jemma proudly sauntered their way to the outdoor reception where the deep red and nature green theme continued, the sparkling wine flowed, and the emotion poured out of everyone’s hearts as speeches began. But when the first bridal dance took place, that was when silence overtook the city as all eyes and ears laid claim to Ben and Jemma’s moment; the rest of the world non-existent in their devoted admiration and love.

It was then time to boogey down on the dance floor, one of the most amusing and entertaining parts of the night – for both myself and everyone celebrating the marriage of Ben and Jemma!

There was no short supply of laughter and delight on the day, when two worlds, two families, and two loved-up individuals made their vows public and started their new world together.

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