Eve and Shine – Barrett Lane Swan Valley Same-Sex Wedding


Rustic charm warmth for Eve and Shine’s nuptials

When Eve and Shine’s photographer fell through the day before their wedding day, it was as if it was meant to be when they contacted me in a frenzy, asking if I was available to capture the most important day of their lives. And despite what felt like a maddening rush to ensure everything was ready to go, it was a sheer pleasure to see this couple get married on 20 March, 2019 and photograph them in what was a delightfully Malaysian-rustic wedding in Perth.

It was an instant bond as I arrived early morning in East Victoria Park to take shots of Eve preparing with the bridal party – we all spoke the same language, our commonality that we were all from Malaysia. She appeared cool and calm, but I’m sure the nerves were dangling precariously inside as they do in any bride who is about to walk down the aisle and commit to a lifetime’s journey of marriage.

The stunning bride had chosen a deep red for her bridesmaids to wear, with the only matching item being her red lipstick against the body-fitting bridal gown. For a photographer, this colour works tremendously well with contrasting backgrounds, and it was exciting to figure out which direction I could take my shots with lighting and where to set everyone for images.

The atmosphere just kept getting better and better, with the bridesmaids all being Eve’s school friends, and it was clear from the start that they knew each other well. They all just clicked, and understood one another; they knew what Eve needed and how to talk to her so she could enjoy her moments. Friendships like theirs are hard to find, and it was wonderful to watch.

Eve’s beloved Shine, wasn’t too far away, also getting ready with the other half of the bridal party. Learning that the soon-to-be-newly weds were childhood sweethearts really allowed me to feel even strongly about making sure I was telling a story through the lens. This wedding, for Eve and Shine, was about sharing with their loved ones the happiness in finding each other, and revealing that they were overcoming the struggles they had faced as a couple – this was one story I wanted to tell to the best of my ability.

The ever glorious Barrett Lane in the Swan Valley ticked all their boxes when it came to the perfect venue, and because Eve and Shine hailed from Malaysia, almost all of those who were invited had also flown in for the very intimate affair. Barrett Lane provided the happy couple with an atmosphere of privacy and exclusivity thanks to its beautifully manicured gardens and views of the undulating vineyards.

Their vows were uniquely stored in a time capsule jar, and their walk back up the aisle was a confetti-filled joyous occasion as a sudden relief was felt by everyone that seemed to scream, ‘Yes! They did it! They finally did it!’.

The eclectic dark blue and white Kombi van that Eve arrived in was quite a memorable way for the two lovebirds to travel on their wedding day, and the vehicle certainly made an impression with endless opportunities to photograph the bridal party.

The rustic wedding theme continued with a quiet moment between them as they took a quick break and walked through the vineyards before re-gathering with the bridal party for some celebratory champagne.

Being in the Swan Valley, I wanted to take advantage of the nearby Bells Rapids lookout to take shots of the newly weds. The gorgeous backdrop suited them perfectly. Eve and Shine’s love for one another was evident, as they felt and looked so natural together – just like the West Australian landscape behind them.

As the warm March day slowly began to disappear over the horizon, the rustic charm of Barrett Lane really leant itself to idealistic luxury, as a swift change of bridal gown and tuxedo accompanied Eve and Shine just before they walked in together officially as a married couple. Everything from the two tiered cake to the fairy lights above and native flowers on the tables came together so seamlessly, and there couldn’t have been a more gloriously happy crowd then on that evening.

Straying from tradition, Eve and Shine opted for a single bridal table in front of a floor-to-ceiling window while the horizon, lit in soft pinks and blues as the sun set, somehow symbolised the closure of one chapter in their lives as they danced and partied their way into a new beginning together.

And whilst the speeches left not a single dry eye in the house, the tears were those of jubilation and admiration for a couple who had stood the test of time. With the raising of the glasses, and sparklers set alight, the wedding of Eve and Shine was one of the most honest, emotional, and exuberant festivities I’d ever been a part of. To photograph this couple was a memorable occasion, one worthy of a story to be told to everyone.

Vendors and Suppliers:

Venue: Barrett Lane
Celebrant and MC: Hui-Lin Tan Marriage Celebrant
Planner: Oborne Weddings & Events
Musician: Ezereve Music
Video: Chris Martin Cinematography
Florist: Hey There Poppy
Transport: Kuste Kombis



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