Shamiso + Andrew – Zambian and Fijian Caversham House Wedding


Zambian-Fijian Wedding of Bliss

For Shamiso and Andrew, it was a workplace romance that started it all. Having met at a local eatery, it was a relationship that blossomed and grew into one of the most fun cross-cultured weddings I’d ever been to!

May 15, 2022 saw drizzles of rain throughout the day, but showers and a bit of a chill has never, ever stopped a bride and groom from carrying out their nuptials and celebrating until the night’s end! And with family from overseas attending, there was absolutely no containing the excitement between the happy couple.

This was a day of Zambian and Fijian celebration, and whilst the bride and her bridesmaids got themselves ready at the Swan River Hotel, it was a full collective of friendship and family as hair and make-up was finished. A beautiful surprise arrived for Shamiso as she still sat in her dressing gown, Andrew having had delivered a Louis Vuitton handbag in a sweet gesture of how important she is to him. Shamiso was taken aback, and capturing that genuine reaction of hers was priceless.

Soon it was time for her to slide into her stunning wedding dress, which sat on her in the most immaculate way ever. With veil in place, shoes on, and the bouquet in her hands, Shamiso owned her portraits, looking like the Queen she is, before moving on to family and bridesmaids photos. Nerves were starting to increase, but everyone took it in their stride.

Andrew and his group of groomsmen all got ready at The Quest Midland, where the beers flowed freely and the laughter kept coming. This was a fantastic preparational shoot with all the boys helping each other get ready and make sure everything was in place before getting onto the portraits.

The couple’s ceremony was held at the Garden House at Caversham House near the Swan Valley. An intimate reception room, it’s located on the beautiful gardens of the main house and is designed with glorious French-inspired furnishings and diamond chandeliers. This is enchantment at its finest.

Andrew, of course, arrived before his bride did, greeting guests and then nervously waiting at the altar for Shamiso to make her entrance – which she did in perfect style, holding family on both sides of her.

There were smiles and tears all throughout the ceremony, guests watching on in sheer delight as they witnessed the vows being made by their closest and happiest friends. After the exchange of the rings, signing of the registry and their announcement as husband and wife, Shamiso and Andrew made their way back up the aisle together, with the happiest of faces and the most exuberant joy I’d ever seen! Clearly the party was JUST getting started!

With all the congratulatory hugs and cheers, followed by group and family photos, we moved on to the official bridal shoot, which was done around the venue of Caversham House. The shade of orange Shamiso had chosen for her bridesmaids’ dresses well and truly complemented the autumn leaves all around the gardens. Colours like this are so invigorating to work with in terms of photography, because you can really make them pop in all sorts of scenarios.

Shamiso and Andrew were fun and easy to work with too, both easing into their roles of ‘model for the day’ and making my job that much easier with their natural and keen sense of posing for the camera.

This was definitely a most entertaining bridal shoot! 

The reception (or the party, I should say!) was on the grounds of Caversham House at the Marquee Reception Room, so we needn’t travel far for celebrations. Done up to the nine’s, this is a spectacular venue complete with chandeliers, dance floor, crystal-like chairs, and done to the décor the bridegroom so wish.

Once all the guests were seated, Shamiso and Andrew along with their bridal party danced their way into the reception, energy through the roof and spreading happiness to everyone! It was almost like a dance off!

With that complete, I made my way around the room to capture all the guests with photos, and before-long it was time for speeches as well as a performance of a few traditional songs a la Andrew’s relatives from Fiji. Next came the Knife Girl Dance, a Zambian tradition where a chosen girl dances freely with a knife before handing it over to the bride, who also joins in the dance to welcome it in the lead up to cutting the wedding cake. These parts of the wedding were such an honour to witness and photograph, I was blown away by everything!

Once Andrew said his speech, it was time to boogey on the dance floor – and boy, can Shamiso and her new husband dance!

Thank you to you both for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day and capturing all the moments important to you. With so much love around you from family and friends, your lives together are sure to be filled with much love, joy and happiness.  


Venue: @cavershamhouse
Videography: @mitchandtijana
Cake maker: @thecakeandi
DJ: @_aslan
Wedding Hire + Style: @wedstylewa
Celebrant: @_the_wedding_crasher_



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