Talita and Ben – Yellagonga Regional Park Engagement Shoot and Party


Surprise engagement shoot captures Talita and Ben’s essence

One of the best parts of being a creative is having the opportunity to work with people and come up with new ideas to make a shoot work for everyone. When I first spoke with Talita, she mentioned her fiancé wasn’t so comfortable in front of the camera, so we excitedly schemed together to ensure our photo shoot was a surprise Ben couldn’t say no to!

The couple was planning an engagement party on Saturday, November 3 so Talita and I thought it would be a great move to have the shoot done prior to celebrations – they would both be dressed to impress, and ready to tackle anything that came their way.

Despite spending most of the day decorating their home and garden for an evening soiree, Talita and Ben met me at Wanneroo Pine Forest around 5.30pm (when lighting is most perfect anyway, so everything was falling in to place!). The stunning bride-to-be emerged in an exquisite emerald green party dress, beaming from ear to ear that she had managed to convince Ben to come along.

His face said it all – a look of surprise, but overall thrilled that his fiancé had gone out of her way to organise such an afternoon. And although slightly apprehensive at first in front of the lens, both Talita and Ben eventually took to the camera like professionals.

Their energy was so light and refreshing, and they were agreeing to do everything I was asking of them – really, a photographer’s dream! From jazz hands to jumping high and dancing among the pine trees, Talita and Ben captured the essence of playfulness and endearment, and before we knew it, it was time to head to Perry’s Padlock for some more amazing photos.

Talita truly stood out in her brilliantly-coloured frock, and the overcast skies provided the perfect light source, diffusing the hotspots to create detailed highlights and tones in my shots. If there were not a cloud above us, Talita’s dress would have been washed out from the direct light, but on this day, it simply popped!

Wrapping up the evening, the three of us headed straight back to the happy couple’s home where things were about to get extra celebratory. As their friends and family started to arrive, I could truly make out all the effort Talita and Ben had gone to give their party a real personal touch.

Ben had built an outdoor fireplace, there were photos strewn of them throughout their time together, and the overall feel of the evening was quite relaxing and intimate with simple foods, drinks, and cake.

Talita and Ben are planning a Balinese wedding, and it’s sure to be a spectacular celebration.



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