Elyse + Todd – Yellagonga Regional Park Holi Powder Engagement


Life is a canvas for Elyse and Todd

Elyse and Todd’s engagement shoot on August 18 took us on a journey through Western Australia’s natural landscape, where we took advantage of secluded walking trails and expansive fields in Yellagonga Regional Park, just 20kms north of Perth.

The forecast was for an overcast day, and as most photographers know, a cloudy day can leave you with either incredibly flattering results, or simply flat images. As prepared as I was, the engaged couple chose to do their photo shoot just before sunset, and this gave me so much more room to play with when it came to contrasts and highlights.

Elyse and Todd’s newly engaged bliss was contagious, and it was by far one of the sweetest atmospheres at a shoot. They had the most perfect moments between one another as I captured their endearing love, complemented by the fact that Elyse’s pooch Ripley was there too.

Backtracking a bit to give you a better picture, I’ve known Elyse and Todd for a few years now having gotten to know them through the sports scene. Both are especially active and adventurous, participating in events from 5k fun runs to marathons and Ironman triathlons, and Elyse’s best canine friend Ripley is quite active too.

The three of them together make for an electric and lively setting, and because Ripley was there when Elyse proposed to Todd with a chocolate freckle, it was only fitting that for the day’s shoot, the canine bestie be there too.

Yes! You read that right. Elyse proposed to Todd. Sure, it’s the grain against the norm, but who determines what the norm is?!

Anyway, before Ripley got too excited after spotting a mob of kangaroos, we headed over to a little spot called Perry’s Paddock for some fun with Holi Powder. We were all ready to be covered head to toe, and I knew none of us would stay clean – let alone my equipment. But who would I be if I said no to an opportunity like this?! All my gear was locked with heavy plastic protection to avoid any damage from the powder, and we were good to go.

I love that Elyse and Todd decided to incorporate Holi Powder for part of their shoot. What a fun explosion of colour! The first handful was thrown by Todd, and the festivities just kept coming. Even Ripley got himself in the middle of it all, covered in pinks and yellows. They truly made me realise that life is a canvas, and we should all paint it with as much brilliant colour and radiant energy as we can.

As the sun set and the night skies took over our shoot, we settled in for some end shots near and on a bare tree before packing up and finishing up for the day. It’s moments like these, helping capture the happiness between two people, that I live for.

This colourful, adventurous couple are planning their wedding for February 2018 at Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria.



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