Emily + Kori – Perth Backyard Same-Sex Wedding


Stunning, rustic backyard wedding for Kori and Emily

A wedding with all things country, rustic and full of charm? It was all there for Kori and Emily’s wedding on 20 September 2020 in their farm’s backyard at Karnup, and it couldn’t get better than that. From a photographer’s perspective, the rustic outdoor space was perfect for capturing memories with astounding backdrops, and the day truly turned out to be immaculate for everyone – the newlyweds and their guests.

Kori and Emily only recently moved into Kori’s grandmother’s farm a few weeks before the wedding to clean and prepare for the big day. Sadly, she had passed away, but the eager couple decorated and DIY’d almost the entire wedding themselves. With every little detail picked to the bone, including the bride and groom’s requirement of wearing Doc Marten boots, it was a staggering surprise to see how much they had put into preparing for their wedding – and so it was an important factor in the day’s photography to ensure I captured as much as possible of their efforts.

Unlike other newlyweds, Kori and Emily decided against ‘getting ready’ photos, and wanted me to skip straight ahead to the ceremony. I was blown away with the location, and made sure that prior to their vows being said, I got shots of their dog Stax and Kori’s little boy Rhaego as well as the mingling with guests and any last minute preparations.

Kori and Emily’s ceremony was originally supposed to be held outdoors under Emily’s favourite tree, however the rain started to pour and everything needed to be moved inside. It didn’t dampen their spirits though, with everyone’s big smiles lighting up the interior of the farm shed as the happy couple declared their love for one another and beautifully included a tree planting ceremony as a symbol of the love and life they would grow together.

Kori’s vintage dress stood out amazingly and really suited her personality whilst Stax was free to roam and happily interrupted a moment between the couple which was taken with heartfelt laughter.

The rain had stopped once the ceremony finished, and even though I took photos inside the shed of Kori and Emily with their family and friends, we ventured outside onto the wet grass straight to the big tree that was originally meant to be the ceremony location and I snapped away.

This location on the farm provided Kori, Emily and I incredible opportunities for the bridal shoot. It was almost overwhelming looking at every angle I could take advantage of for memorable photos, and no stone was left unturned on the day (I think I actually got a little bit too excited!). From an old couch and rundown tractor to a beautiful open field and a country road, this was definitely one of my favourite outdoor bridal shoots as the newlyweds got themselves comfortable in front of the lens.

The reception was an amazing cocktail function too; Kori changed into a sharp white suit and everyone had all the space around them to enjoy as part of the party. With a bonfire to keep everyone warm, and the farm shed decorated in fairy lights, it was certainly a night to remember. From some guests dressing casually, to others glamming it up in gowns, it was a free for all where no matter how you wanted to celebrate Kori and Emily’s special day, you were warmly welcomed. Love was definitely celebrated here as everyone partied into the night following heartfelt speeches by loved ones.

I wish Kori and Emily all the very best for their futures together; they are an incredibly deserving couple who are surrounded by amazing family and friends. May they be blessed with happiness and love!  



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