Evelyn + Richard – Mulberry Estate Modern Asian Wedding


It Was Romantic Elegance for Evelyn and Richard

Get ready to escape and be transported for an East Meets West wedding, where cultural significance and family tradition reigned supreme in a Perth-set theme at Mulberry Estate on 28 February, 2021.

Evelyn and Richard decided on an extravagant wedding day, inviting about 270 guests to witness their commitment to one another. With the bride of Vietnamese descent and the groom of Chinese-Malaysian, it was sure to be a spectacular event!

Evelyn started the day by getting ready at her parents’ house in Applecross, where she could calmly and happily have her hair and make-up done with the comfort of close family right by her side.

It was all abuzz with Evelyn, her bridal party and the family when I arrived. Even in her silk bathrobe, Evelyn looked like perfection and before we knew it, celebratory pink champagne was being popped and enjoyed as the girls all came together for pre-dressed photos.

Because of Evelyn’s background, her family ensured that there were red symbolic images out the front of the home and at the front door, as well as a table laid out and ready for a tea ceremony. As I walked around to take photos of these important parts of the day, the girls all got dressed – and when Evelyn walked out in her gown, all eyes fell on her and the tears began to flow. It was time to take some portraits, and before we knew it, the groom had arrived in his uncle’s classic blue car, along with the groomsmen, for the start of a cultural wedding!

For Evelyn and Richard’s pre-wedding celebrations, it is customary for the groom to arrive at his bride’s home for a tea ceremony as well as participate in Chinese Wedding Door Games – challenges and amusing games set up by the bridesmaids for the groom as a ceremonial demonstration of the groom’s love for the bride. So basically, before Richard could ‘pick up’ Evelyn, he was tested before being allowed to open the door to see her.

So much fun was had whilst the challenges were played out the front of the house, with an abundance of laughter as everyone watched on. But Richard soon won the bridesmaids’ hearts and was allowed inside to see his bride, who walked down from the second storey with her father; both then prepared for the first of two traditional tea ceremonies.

Tea ceremonies see the bride and groom serve tea to their parents, in-laws and other family members to symbolise the union of two families and typically takes place inside the couple’s respective family homes. Following the formalities, I ensured we got more photos outside before everyone made their way to Richard’s family home in Jandakot.

The festivities continued once we arrived, straight away beginning with another tea ceremony and this time being able to take portraits of the groom in his sharp blue suit.

Evelyn and Richard decided they wanted photos taken before the ceremony itself, so it was planned to head to the University of Western Australia in Crawley where the architecture of the building is perfect for impactful wedding photos. Given the university was first built in 1911, and then developing quickly after WWI ended, most of the buildings were finished by 1931. This history and grandeur makes the university an attractive location for wedding photos, and it suited Evelyn and Richard’s vision perfectly. From the gothic outdoor hallways to the soaring palms in the manicured gardens, we found an incredible amount of space to work with.

It was then time to make a move to Mulberry Estate in the Swan Valley, east of Perth. Set amongst countryside on the banks of the Swan River, guests had already started to trickle in for the outdoor ceremony.

A joyous occasion, Evelyn and Richard really showed everyone how much in love they were with their vows, and I could truly capture almost every angle at their nuptials given the amazing location. I had all the freedom to move around and secure photos of almost everyone at the event.

With family pictures done under the guise of some beautifully matured trees and along the riverbank, the newlyweds took some time to be alone in their first moments as husband and wife, and went for a walk in the paddocks of Mulberry Estate. The golden hour, sunset, was upon us so it was absolutely the best time for bridal photos before heading off to the reception space at the venue.

Set up for 270 guests, Evelyn and Richard got to take a look at the finished setup before everyone got a chance to walk in. Floor to ceiling windows with stunning views, drapes hanging from a chandelier centred in the ceiling, and crisp white table décor with candles and greenery really indicated class and elegance for the evening celebrations – speeches, fine dining, cutting of the cake and the bridal waltz all were a massive hit, and the night was one no will be forgetting any time soon.

To Evelyn and Richard, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day and capturing all the moments for you. I wish for you both all the happiness marriage has to offer, and a life full of laughter, joy and dreams come true.

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