Deria + Tom – Raeburn Orchards / Perth Hills Elopement


An enchanted elopement for Deria and Tom

Love doesn’t get cancelled because of a pandemic, and Deria and Tom made sure of that!

Like many other couples, Deria and Tom’s large international wedding in the Philippines was cancelled because of COVID-19 but the two didn’t let that stop them from promising to love each other forever.

The next best option? A quietly gorgeous elopement in the beautiful hills of Perth on 16 May 2020 and stunning autumn photos to remember the day.

We were incredibly fortunate to have had the go-ahead to take wedding photographs, as we’d literally just come out of lockdown in the Perth region and it just so happened to be the best time of year to head to Raeburn Orchards in Roleystone for an incredible backdrop of orange, red and yellow leaves on the persimmon fruit trees.

The couple had their official ceremony earlier in the morning before meeting with me at Raeburn Orchards, and I was taken aback with Deria’s glow the minute she stepped out of the car. It was like the colours of autumn were calling her name, and her dress, featuring nature’s beauty of foliage, was the perfect combination set against her dark hair and eyes.

It was easy with Deria, she was a natural in front of the lens, and I made sure to capture her and Tom in their newlywed essence so they could be proud to send photos to friends and family in the Philippines and the UK, where Tom hails from – which made sense, because he totally gave off a James Bond vibe while posing for the camera!

Their elopement, being just the two of them plus me, allowed us to really spend quality time without the distractions of a bridal party in the background, and I’m thrilled with how much time we got to spend doing the bride and groom photoshoot at Raeburn Orchards before heading off to the Kalamunda Zig Zag for more.

It was a quick 20 minute drive in their quirky silver Mini Cooper to the infamous scenic drive east of Perth, and a one-way road down the western side of the Darling Range. Again, we were so lucky, as the road was closed by its local council indefinitely one week after our shoot!

But onto our afternoon, and the colours of the surrounding bushland and nature trails along the Zig Zag were the complete opposite of our orchard session – stunning browns, sandy creams, and green Australian foliage. Deria and Tom really were in their elements here, and we managed fantastic photos before heading to the actual lookout, where the light was amazingly good. I mean, that golden hour is like the beating heart of a photography session, and it sure did deliver.

Popping the champagne was like the icing on the cake, and even though they couldn’t be with a large gathering of friends and family to celebrate their nuptials, many a toast was had in honour of their special day.

Deria and Tom, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I wish you both every happiness that marriage and life has to offer, and knowing love can get through trying times like this is inspirational to many.



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