Elyse + Todd – Wilsons Promontory National Park Wedding


Casual, intimate moments and subtle, personal elements for Elyse and Todd

Elyse and Todd shared moments so truthful on their wedding day on February 18, 2018 that their abundant personalities were a complete outburst of how the rest of their lives would look together.

Just a day before their wedded bliss, Elyse’s grandparents celebrated their own 60th wedding anniversary in Victoria so it made for perfect timing to not only be there to honour that love and commitment, but to share in the joy of her own relationship while the entire family was gathered in the one place.

Originally from the small town of Port Franklin, Elyse convinced her beau Todd to have the ceremony at her favourite place just 50kms from where she grew up – Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Todd calmly prepared with just the one groomsman at his side, Rowan, in true Aussie style, and despite not being graciously gifted with his own foot sandals, proudly wore his own perfect footwear.

Elyse and the bridal party giddily got ready for a 10am ceremony at her chosen location, I took note of two incredibly personal elements to Elyse’s chosen attire – an engraved paw print of her dog Riley’s paw, as he was unable to fly over from Perth, and her mother’s handmade foot sandals.

For most bridal parties, it’s tradition – or perhaps social expectation – to have an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Not for Elyse and Todd though, with only one man by Todd’s side and two bridesmaids for the beautiful woman of the day. But having said that, these two lovebirds were far from sticking to the rules.

Their casual and relaxed natures truly defined how the day was going to pan out, as they each prepared for their lifelong commitments on the sands of Tidal River. Guests dressed how they wanted for the environment, and there was no pressure to impress anyone. Pre-ceremony, children got the chance to play with seaweed, sand, water, and mud (if I didn’t have all my equipment with me, I’d have most likely joined in the fun!), and laughter appeared to be the theme of the day.

During the taking of vows, there was so much joy and happiness radiating from the couple, it was hard for anyone to not catch it. With Todd’s sister as MC, and as the newlyweds signed along the dotted lines resting on a handmade quilt, the flowergirls made their joyous laughter infectious as they played with their specially made rainbow sand, which softly drifted from tin buckets.

A special appearance was even made by a giant chocolate freckle…a symbol and reminder of their engagement (Elyse had proposed to Todd with one of those delicious desserts!).

Taking Elyse and Todd on their photoshoot, the electricity and chemistry between the two I had experienced when shooting their engagement photos was still abundantly there on their wedding day. Their love was even stronger than ever, and with so much amazing scenery around us, I was wonderfully overloaded with idea after idea.

The relaxing nature of their ceremony was flowed through to the reception, which was held at the Port Franklin community hall for lunch. Elyse baked the wedding cake herself, which was polished off with yet another chocolate freckle, and the couple had decorated everything themselves.

One of the most wonderful things about photographing Elyse and Todd’s special day was how casual it all was. During the reception itself there was no bridal entrance, no first dance, no couple’s speech – everyone just did what they wanted to do, and being so incredibly relaxed is what made for amazing photo opportunities.

Yes, weddings are mainly about the bride and groom, but for Elyse and Todd, they made the whole day about family. And it doesn’t get any better than that.



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