Brooke + David – Mulberry Estate Swan Valley Wedding


Stunning outdoor wedding for Brooke and David

‘Hollywood starlet’ is the best way I can describe the bride at the wedding of Brooke and David on 28 August, and her flamboyant personality as well as the non-traditional style of bridal gown truly personified that.

The couple booked me slightly later than usual, in June, but given the global pandemic of COVID-19, it didn’t bother either one of us in the slightest – they just wanted to get married and celebrate their special day with a small guest list of around 30 family and friends.

Brooke got herself, her bridesmaid and her family members ready at her parents’ house and as expected, there were plenty of tears when she put on her gown. The lighting was exceptional and I took advantage of it for all the portrait family shots, which I was really happy with thanks to the sheer blinds I utilised from inside the house.

Traditionally, with the bride preparing at her parents’ family home, the groom also got himself ready at his mother and father’s house. What made it even more special for him was that his grandparents were there too.

Brooke and David, once having both arrived at their lavish venue – Mulberry Estate in the Swan Valley – they did what is a new trend in weddings, the ‘first look’. Sure, the time honoured practice of not seeing your bride or groom until the actual ceremony is a good-luck superstition, but others, like Brooke and David, are opting for first look photos so they have time to enjoy the party after the ceremony.

For my happy couple at the Swan Valley’s Mulberry Estate, it was a few moments inside the venue’s Tap House room they could have together in peace and quiet, to take in what was about to happen that would change their lives forever.

Onto the ceremony and the guest chairs, archway and red carpet were ready for Brooke and David outside right along the Swan River. Being the middle of winter, the grass was superbly lush and the river flowed freely along the venue. Rain began to drizzle slightly just as everything got underway, but it was the bride’s mother to the rescue as she appeared with an umbrella – and no one could take away the smiles on everyone’s faces as Brooke made her way from the Mulberry Estate dwelling to the outdoor ceremony setting.

The rain had stopped just in time for bridal photos, including those directly after the ceremony with family and friends. What makes Mulberry Estate in the Swan Valley so fantastic as a wedding venue is that there are so many manicured gardens and large open spaces for photographic opportunities, it’s hard to just pick one or two locations on the grounds. We even came across a golf buggy and used that as a backdrop!

The farm-style windmill and old carriage also gave us a phenomenal backdrop to work with, and these are some of my favourite photographs. But the landscape in general at Brooke and David’s chosen venue was stunning, and it truly suited their personalities as they got to spend more time together, alone, taking in the fact that they had just gotten married.

From outside to in, celebrations got underway in the rustic interior of Mulberry Estate in The Tap House room. The newlyweds’ floral decorations, table décor, and bridal cake matched the feel of the venue – they did an amazing job making sure everything worked and flowed seamlessly. Speeches, of course, came first as did the tears following sentimental words from family members, before the bridal party and guests spent the rest of the evening partying and celebrating.

I wish Brooke and David all the best for their future together as husband and wife, and can’t wait to hear from you both in the next few years to see how you are both travelling.



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