Shivika + Adam – Perth Ritz-Carlton Hotel Wedding


A Romantic Rooftop Setting for Shivika and Adam

When two pop culture worlds collide between a couple, magic is always made! And newlyweds Shivika and Adam put their own personal touches to their special day as devout fans of Harry Potter and Star Wars, respectively.

Their engagement came two years after the couple got together, and planned their big day in just a short four months. Shivika prepared the morning of the wedding with the gals and parents and her place, looking forward to what awaited later in the day. Her hair in soft curls and the champagne flowing, all those finishing touches were finally made before a little bit of relaxing with Shivika’s beloved dogs and her side of the bridal party – different shades of pink gloriously surrounding her before time came to put on her gown.

The bride was a perfect picture in the soft floral-style dress she chose to wear for her wedding day, and I loved the sheer pull-down blinds by the window in one of the rooms so we used it to its advantage as a backdrop to Shivika’s portraits. The lighting in her home was ideal to work with, lots of natural light coming through, so there was no need to worry about having to adjust much on my camera. Following family portraits, some emotional hugging and words of wisdom, the bridesmaids also changed into their deep red gowns and helped their bride with her shoes and veil. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the ceremony – but not before the other half of my team captured all the groom’s photos!

At Adam’s place, there was enough time to get ready for the ceremony and have fun with a few lightsabers after the cologne was sprayed, the ties were tied, and the cuffs secured. Looking absolutely dapper in their jet black suits, Adam, his dad and his groomsmen were all smiles and ready to head out.

The ceremony was held at the stunning Ritz-Carlton Executive Club Lounge rooftop, where there are beautiful views of Elizabeth Quay and the city. A gorgeous circular wedding arch with two sets of flowers, a trio of musicians on flute, violin and cello, and glorious sunshine beaming down on guests awaited the grand couple.

Finally Adam made his way down the aisle to stand in anticipation for his bride at the arch, a smile beaming from ear to ear. With the bridesmaids having made their way also, and guests basking in the outdoors, Shivika made her appearance arm-in-arm with her dad.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day, and the ceremony saw many happy tears, much laughter and cries of joy. With vows recited, the first kiss as a married couple, and signing of the official documents, Shivika and Adam made their way back up the aisle to guests singing their praises and already celebrating their union.

Straight away we managed to get family and friend photos done on the rooftop before getting into the limo and driving out to John Oldham Park near Mounts Bay Road, at the bottom of the cliffs below King’s Park. This particular location is one of my favourites because of the spacious variety available when it comes to diverse wedding photography. It’s a place that offers so many angles, scenarios and backdrops and with the way the weather turned it on for the happy couple, the opportunities were endless in this fabulous bridal shoot.

I even managed to get Shivika and Adam into a little natural corner of vines and foliage that made them appear to be in a secret garden – how much more romantic can you get?!

After some celebratory spraying of the champagne – and a little bit of ‘taste testing’ might I add! – we drove back into the city, into Elizabeth Quay, for photos of just the newlyweds. As luck had it, the merry-go-round was operating and the lights emanating from the carousel…well, there was no way to pass that up.

As time would have it, I arrived back at the Ritz Carlton for Shivika and Adam’s low key, intimate reception, where guests were already seated and ready to help celebrate the marriage of this incredibly delightful couple. Speeches of course took precedence before the cake cutting, and the newlyweds claimed the dance floor as their own with their version of the bridal waltz.

The night then kicked off with everyone else joining in for a night never to be forgotten!

We did, however, sneak out for some ‘after party’ photos around the Ritz Carlton though and got some beautiful night time shots outside in the rain. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to finish off a day’s wedding shoot!

To Shivika and Adam, thank you for trusting me with capturing all those special moments that made up the most important day of your lives. I wish you both all the happiness the world can give you, full of love, joy and complete happiness!



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