Wendy + Adam – Rendezvous Scarborough Beach Hotel Wedding


Beach View Nuptials for Wendy and Adam

Wendy and Adam’s celebrations are a stunning example of the magic a wedding can bring to everyone. Their special day on 12 November 2022 was the ultimate blend of relaxed, epic fun, boldly beautiful styling and genuine emotion. I love nothing more than a couple that creates their perfect day with a variety of opportunities for beautiful photography.

The Rendezvous Hotel in Scarborough (just 17km north-west of Perth CBD) provided the perfect backdrop to the celebrations – both with preparations and the nuptials. With the west giving us some of the best beaches in the country, having Scarborough Beach in the background was truly a breath of fresh air.

Wendy, together with her bridal party and her beautiful little daughter Lily, took the morning in her stride as she got ready for the day ahead. With hair and make-up done by the time I’d arrived, moments with Lily were priceless in the bridal suite so I made sure to capture those flurries of happiness before re-focusing on Wendy and utilising all the amazing light coming through the grand windows and sheer curtains.

It was soon time to get the ladies dressed, and with Wendy’s veil already placed, it was just a matter of the gown, shoes and the last minute touches before capturing solo and group portraits.

Groom Adam also got ready in a separate room at the Rendezvous with his side of the bridal party – and what a dapper group of gentlemen they were. Some beer to relax, and triple checking to ensure the ring was in place and all boutonnieres were pinned, Adam seamlessly took to the camera for a couple single portraits before heading out to the balcony for a quiet moment with his mates.

If there’s a venue that screams red carpet moment with the most pristine background of the blue ocean from every angle, the rooftop of the Rendezvous is it. A hexagon wedding arch stood as the altar, a unique statement piece that brought with it sophistication. As guests began to arrive, I captured them all casually – in my opinion, these are the best ways to photograph guests. The bridal couple love seeing the interaction they aren’t able to be a part of,  and they can spot the excitement building.

With everyone taking in the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean up on the 24th floor of the hotel, it was soon time to be seated and observe the bridal party walking in. Adam waiting nervously at the top of the red carpet and the bridesmaids taking the lead before Wendy made her entrance together with Mum.

It was a beautiful ceremony filled with happiness, joy, love and laughter, and I loved that I had so much room to move around in. With the exchange of rings, first kiss, and signing of the marriage documents, Wendy and Adam walked hand-in-hand back down the aisle (or red carpet!) with smiles from ear-to-ear.

Following family portraits and the iconic group shot of all the guests in attendance, the bridal party and I made our way to bushland at Bold Park for wedding party photos. These are always fun – everyone has well and truly relaxed by then, and personalities begin to come through a bit more as everyone realises posing, or just being in front of, the camera can actually be amusing and entertaining! The stunning trail that runs through the park provides lovely scenery and a landscape that is just right for a romantic wedding shoot, and the natural sunlight was definitely working in my favour for the entire afternoon.

We soon made our way to City Beach for a change in background, heading straight to the steps and then the surfboard art installation to grab a modern take on wedding photos – and before we knew it, a walk on the beach was called for one-on-one images of just Wendy and Adam.

As the bridal party rejuvenated, I made my way back to Rendezvous to get photos of the reception room before everyone walked in and not long after everyone came in, mingling and excited and ready to party the night away! I was there to capture the entrance, speeches, and the cutting of the cupcakes, followed by the glorious and ever-so-romantic first dance.

Our last shots for the night were of Wendy and Adam on the balcony, in front of the LOVE signage – a wonderful way to end a wedding day of photography.

Thank you to you both, Wendy and Adam, for allowing me to capture your moments and create memories you can look back on with fondness. I wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness!



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