Yunni + Kevin – Matilda Bay Wedding


To honour one another, to honour family and friends

There is always something alluring about a relaxed, elegant wedding – a day not meant to impress anyone or stand up to certain expectations, but rather about honouring a relationship and those supporting it. Such was the wedding of Yunni and Kevin, who chose to spend the day breathing easy with family and friends rather than dealing with the stresses of tremendous nuptials.

Saturday, December 16 at Matilda Bay was flawless.

As I directed my camera lens at Yunni and her bridesmaids Portia and Alison before the ceremony, it was very clear to me the day was going to tranquilise my senses. The bridal party peacefully and happily carried on with business – hair, makeup, laughs and smiles – as the soft tunes of Christmas music played in the background.

The impeccably stylish groom Kevin was also spending the morning with his groomsmen, Justin and Leon, as they got themselves in order, but the nerves were evident, hidden behind bouts of laughter and affectionate banter.

Matilda Bay along the Swan River in Crawley set the scene for Yunni and Kevin’s wedding, providing abundant romanticism among the lawn’s soft green blades and the sailboats on calm waters. The colours presented by nature herself truly reflected the serene essence of the happy couple; even in Yunni’s bridal bouquet and dress, there was a lush, botanical feel to it all with relative simplicity.

With official signings completed earlier to alleviate the urgency of having a ceremony finished on time, it was the personal touch of ‘less is more’, with only a handful of guests attending. And while the champagne flowed amongst family and friends following Yunni and Kevin’s captivating vows, no one could have asked for a more luminous day to celebrate a marriage filled with affection, adoration, and enchantment.

At the reception, Yunni and Kevin’s reverence for each other shone through the venue at Matilda Bay Restaurant, yet their benevolence with all those attending clearly presented that the day wasn’t just about them. It could be seen in their eyes, in their smiles, and in their gestures, that Yunni and Kevin very importantly saw their resplendent wedding celebrations as a time to thank all their devoted guests for the endless love and kindness they had received over the years.

If there was ever a wedding to indicate true showing of being indebted to those closest to you, it was Yunni and Kevin’s.

With the groomsmen as the MCs, and decorative small plant pots personalised for guests to take home, there was not a dry eye in the house when Yunni’s esteemed father took her hands to gently waltz to ‘Dance With My Father’ by Luther Vandross. It grounded and silenced every heart present.

It was hard for anyone to not get caught up in the emotions of Yunni and Kevin’s wedding day, but being there to capture each moment for them meant everything unfolding before their very eyes would be encapsulated forever.​​​​​​​



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