Emily + Matt – Christ Church Claremont Wedding


Emily and Matt had an intimate wedding ceremony at the Christ Church in Claremont on May 13, 2017 where they declared their love for one another in front of all their close friends and family. I had the most remarkable honour of photographing their big day, from the moment Emily’s bridesmaids helped her put the bridal gown on, to the after party at their chosen reception venue.

Sometimes at random moments it hits me just how important my job is, and capturing Emily’s pre-wedding jitters and being a part of the couple’s special day was one of those times. Just seeing every person involved in the bridal party, both through the lens and out, I could tell how they had all awaited for the couple to tie the knot. Emily and Matt’s son Hudson provided an irresistible cuteness factor to the celebrations, especially with his bow tie, and as the girls got ready with champagne while ensuring each minor detail was perfect for Emily, we all left Yokine and headed to Claremont for the ceremony.

Christ Church was built in 1893, and still today stands tall amongst the forward movement of time. It is one of the oldest suburban parish churches in Perth, and was built of local-quarried Cottesloe limestone. In a style considered Victorian Gothic Revival, its beautiful windows reflect a range of aesthetic, religious and commemorative interests, and was an impeccable setting for Emily and Matt.

As the newlyweds took every word in from the church’s residing priest, their smiles lit up the skies when they linked arms to make their way to the outside world as husband and wife for the first time. And as they mingled with their guests, it was prime opportunity to seize candid and private moments through the lens as they laughed, hugged, talked and engaged. To top it off, the weather certainly didn’t disappoint, with sunshine giving the day the best it had to offer.

There was no hiding the joy and excitement of Emily and Matt’s nuptials as the photoshoot progressed over to the University of Western Australia. Granted, it is a very favoured location for wedding photos, but tied in perfectly with the backdrop of the church. UWA’s history dates back to humble beginnings in the early 1900s, and with gothic-style buildings and its large, imposing clock tower, the university was virtually the ideal backdrop for Emily, Matt and their bridal party.

The reception was held at Acqua Viva on the Swan, in Nedlands. Emotions ran high at the after-party, where the couple didn’t hold back – tears and all. Chosen speech makers gave their messages of love and heartfelt advice, and as each glass was raised for the toasts, every person present showed happiness for Emily and Matt. The father-daughter dance was highly anticipated, and my photography skills didn’t hold back either as I covered every square inch of the dance floor to land each moment with the click of my shutter.

Weddings truly are special, not only for the bride and groom, but for those who have been witness to their relationship. Being one of those to have witnessed this, I felt I was truly blessed to have seen Emily and Matt turn the pages to the next chapter in their lives together.



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