10 Wedding Prop Ideas To Create Beautiful Wedding Photos


With wedding photography one of the most integral elements of your wedding day, you want to make them as memorable, fabulous and beautiful as possible. After all, your wedding album will ultimately become an heirloom and will be what you show your children and/or closest to you as you walk down memory lane.

Props add that extra personal touch to help tell the story of your special day, and when it comes to what works best for you and your partner, the possibilities are endless. So whatever you choose, the resulting photos will definitely bring you joy for years to come.

I’ve put together a list of 10 prop ideas to use during your wedding day for capturing extraordinary memories and adding a bit of extra fun to time spent in front of the lens.

Banners and Signs

Light up your love with a big banner or sign at your reception that will double as an amazing background for photos. Not only will it add style and a personal touch to your wedding day, it’s wonderful for decorating the venue itself.


An ordinary bottle of champagne can become a really interesting prop, with celebrations being captured in almost every part of the day – from morning preparations and concluding the nuptials to celebrating at the bridal shoot and greeting guests at the reception. Splashes, champagne glasses and laughter will provide lots of emotion and fascinating shots.


Confetti is one of the most popular wedding prop ideas there is, and allows your wedding photographer to be dynamic at the first attempt. You can choose whatever colours you want too to make the photos as bright and unforgettable as possible; confetti is definitely a prop you can have fun with.

Festoon and Fairy Lights

Festoon lights are an excellent opportunity to create romantic and sweet photos, with your photographer being able to create a stunning effect called Bokeh where the lights remain out of focus in the background and cause a beautiful colourful effect. They’re also an ideal décor addition to your reception venue.


A lot of couples have family pets they want included in their wedding day, and what better way to have that immortalised than by including them in the photographs? During the morning preparations is usually best, but depending on the type of animal, some can be included in the bridal shoot in-between ceremony and reception.


Sparklers are cheap and safe to use as wedding props, and they’re easy for guests to hold out while the bridal couple either head to the dance floor for their first waltz or leave the reception under a human archway (check with your venue first on their fire burning policy though; and in the event, you’re unable to use sparklers, believe it or not mobile phone lights are the next best thing!).


Umbrellas make wonderful props, and obviously double up as protection from the elements. Transparent umbrellas enhance the beauty of wedding photography when used in the right pose, and you can have a lot of fun with them too.


Cars are versatile photography props with endless opportunities of how to get the right shot. From having photos done inside or outside, to even on top of the car or out far in the distance.

Wedding Veils

Veils are the perfect foreground prop for romantic wedding photography, with styling opportunities every which way. A veil can be draped over just about anything so be prepared for some swooning when you see the resulting photographs.

The Bridal Party

Although technically not a prop, the bridal party can help you break the ice and relax in front of the camera when it’s time for your bridal shoot after the ceremony. Because let’s face it, nothing beats that feeling of hanging out with your closest friends on the most amazing day of your life, and the fun you can all have will last in the memory bank for decades to come.  



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