Dennis Tan Creative - Perth Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Blog en-us (C) Dennis Tan Creative - Perth Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer (Dennis Tan Creative - Perth Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer) Mon, 11 Jun 2018 07:41:00 GMT Mon, 11 Jun 2018 07:41:00 GMT Dennis Tan Creative - Perth Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Blog 80 120 Poppy + Callan Wedding It was a beautiful autumn day on April 21 for the wedding of Poppy and Callan, and although I know that every wedding I have the honour of attending is about declaring to the world the love and happiness between two people, Poppy and Callan really did show how happy they were to be getting married to each other.

It was a genuinely lovely wedding and I know they will look back on these memories for years to come. As a photographer who truly envelopes capturing the story behind the eyes of my subjects, it was great to spend time with people who were just so engrossed in Poppy and Callan, so that I could roam and do my thing to the best of my ability.

From the start, it was all jitters for Poppy as she got ready for her big day with the bridesmaids, Katy and Brittan. But as they settled in after the morning’s duties of hair and makeup, nothing could wipe the smile off the bride’s face as her parents saw her in the dress of her dreams for the first time. As I took in those moments for her through the lens, the light stunningly perfect on this storm-predicted day, I could see how Poppy put so much thought into every part of the wedding – from abundant flower bouquets of soft pink and white embodied by greenery, through to the gorgeous ceremony arch display at the ceremony.

Poppy has such a classic beauty style to her, and the dress was just perfect for her in every way. Her photogenic grace and comfortability sure made my job easier!

While she and the girls got ready in Maida Vale, man of the hour Callan and his groomsmen Blair and Matthew prepared in High Wycombe before the party stepped into a red SS Torana and drove to meet for a private moment before the official ceremony – their ‘first look’.

John Oldham Park is one of the most ideal settings for brooding romance, with its lush surroundings, lake, waterfall, and stunning Perth city views. Callan arrived at the park first with the couple’s furbaby Rage, eagerly awaiting to see his bride, and he was so excited when she did finally reveal herself.

Their First Look was incredibly sweet; the way Callan looked at her was how every girl dreams of being looked at by the love of her love. It was an incredibly emotional photoshoot as they took in some quiet moments before the ceremony at BWG Steakhouse in Applecross. In my view, words just can’t describe the moment between a bride and groom when they get to see each other intimately and privately before their guests do – it’s a moment that can’t be matched by walking down the aisle, and I was honoured to be a part of that.

Highlights of the day included how Poppy and Callan’s smiles lit each other up, and how each guest was just in awe of the love shown by the bride and groom. On top of that, the wedding reception was one for the books, as the rain began to pour outside but the party was nothing short of fantastical.

From the table decorations to the wedding cake (which just so happened to have personalised wedding toppers of the bride, groom and their pup), anyone could see how much effort went into this public display of affection and love.

And what better way to have ended my time with Poppy and Callan, then with the rain, a single umbrella, and the everlasting love of newlyweds. 

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Wilsons Promontory National Park Wedding - Elyse + Todd Casual, intimate moments and subtle, personal elements for Elyse and Todd

Elyse and Todd shared moments so truthful on their wedding day on February 18, 2018 that their abundant personalities were a complete outburst of how the rest of their lives would look together. 

Just a day before their wedded bliss, Elyse’s grandparents celebrated their own 60th wedding anniversary in Victoria so it made for perfect timing to not only be there to honour that love and commitment, but to share in the joy of her own relationship while the entire family was gathered in the one place. 

Originally from the small town of Port Franklin, Elyse convinced her beau Todd to have the ceremony at her favourite place just 50kms from where she grew up – Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory National Park. 

Todd calmly prepared with just the one groomsman at his side, Rowan, in true Aussie style, and despite not being graciously gifted with his own foot sandals, proudly wore his own perfect footwear. 

Elyse and the bridal party giddily got ready for a 10am ceremony at her chosen location, I took note of two incredibly personal elements to Elyse’s chosen attire – an engraved paw print of her dog Riley’s paw, as he was unable to fly over from Perth, and her mother’s handmade foot sandals.

For most bridal parties, it’s tradition – or perhaps social expectation – to have an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Not for Elyse and Todd though, with only one man by Todd’s side and two bridesmaids for the beautiful woman of the day. But having said that, these two lovebirds were far from sticking to the rules. 

Their casual and relaxed natures truly defined how the day was going to pan out, as they each prepared for their lifelong commitments on the sands of Tidal River. Guests dressed how they wanted for the environment, and there was no pressure to impress anyone. Pre-ceremony, children got the chance to play with seaweed, sand, water, and mud (if I didn’t have all my equipment with me, I’d have most likely joined in the fun!), and laughter appeared to be the theme of the day. 

During the taking of vows, there was so much joy and happiness radiating from the couple, it was hard for anyone to not catch it. With Todd’s sister as MC, and as the newlyweds signed along the dotted lines resting on a handmade quilt, the flowergirls made their joyous laughter infectious as they played with their specially made rainbow sand, which softly drifted from tin buckets. 

A special appearance was even made by a giant chocolate freckle…a symbol and reminder of their engagement (Elyse had proposed to Todd with one of those delicious desserts!).

Taking Elyse and Todd on their photoshoot, the electricity and chemistry between the two I had experienced when shooting their engagement photos was still abundantly there on their wedding day. Their love was even stronger than ever, and with so much amazing scenery around us, I was wonderfully overloaded with idea after idea. 

The relaxing nature of their ceremony was flowed through to the reception, which was held at the Port Franklin community hall for lunch. Elyse baked the wedding cake herself, which was polished off with yet another chocolate freckle, and the couple had decorated everything themselves. 

One of the most wonderful things about photographing Elyse and Todd’s special day was how casual it all was. During the reception itself there was no bridal entrance, no first dance, no couple’s speech – everyone just did what they wanted to do, and being so incredibly relaxed is what made for amazing photo opportunities. 

Yes, weddings are mainly about the bride and groom, but for Elyse and Todd, they made the whole day about family. And it doesn’t get any better than that. 

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Bold Park & City Bea - Kate + Nick - Engagement Breath-taking views and breezes just for Kate and Nick

Taking photos on January 7 of Kate and Nick in celebration of their engagement took us on a journey through abundant natural trails that gave seclusion and glimpses of Perth city in the distance. What could have possibly been better than beautiful scenery coupled with two sublime individuals whose love just radiated beyond what is seen and felt?

Both being triathletes, it was only natural that I took their shoot to the great outdoors and let them be themselves in the environments they adored the most – the Australian landscape and where the surf meets the sand.



Bold Park, just west of Subiaco, is a bushland conservation area with a myriad of fauna and flora, and provides a sensational network of walking trails as well as breath-taking views of the city skyline.​

The landscape really allowed Kate and Nick to open up and relax for the lens as they settled into each other, and it became undoubtedly easy to capture the happiness their lives were filled with. I could effortlessly say that Kate’s smiled ‘filled the room’, but it went beyond the capacity of interior space, and instead filled the surroundings, horizon to horizon.

As we talked, I learnt that Nick was originally from Seychelles and had moved to Perth to pursue his relationship with Kate. If that’s not real love, it’s hard to imagine what is.

Despite the light winds, each warm embrace between the newly engaged couple documented their relationship’s growth, and they donned a warm mix of textures that blew effortlessly with the breezes. As Kate and Nick enfolded into one another in the fields, they turned it into a haven of romanticism, where they soon began to wander through the wide-open spaces.

Considering the famously exquisite stretch of boundless sea before us, taking photos was a breeze at City Beach as the sun laid down on its cloud-filled pillows to signify the end of an eventful afternoon. The two lovebirds really worked the camera to its potential, and there’s nothing better for a photographer when his subjects become one with the lens.  

This photoshoot was as natural as Kate and Nick’s love for one another, and I anticipate to learn if the wedding will be in either Seychelles or locally here in WA.

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Matilda Bay Wedding - Yunni + Kevin To honour one another, to honour family and friends

There is always something alluring about a relaxed, elegant wedding – a day not meant to impress anyone or stand up to certain expectations, but rather about honouring a relationship and those supporting it. Such was the wedding of Yunni and Kevin, who chose to spend the day breathing easy with family and friends rather than dealing with the stresses of tremendous nuptials.

Saturday, December 16 at Matilda Bay was flawless.

As I directed my camera lens at Yunni and her bridesmaids Portia and Alison before the ceremony, it was very clear to me the day was going to tranquilise my senses. The bridal party peacefully and happily carried on with business – hair, makeup, laughs and smiles – as the soft tunes of Christmas music played in the background.

The impeccably stylish groom Kevin was also spending the morning with his groomsmen, Justin and Leon, as they got themselves in order, but the nerves were evident, hidden behind bouts of laughter and affectionate banter.

Matilda Bay along the Swan River in Crawley set the scene for Yunni and Kevin’s wedding, providing abundant romanticism among the lawn’s soft green blades and the sailboats on calm waters. The colours presented by nature herself truly reflected the serene essence of the happy couple; even in Yunni’s bridal bouquet and dress, there was a lush, botanical feel to it all with relative simplicity.


With official signings completed earlier to alleviate the urgency of having a ceremony finished on time, it was the personal touch of ‘less is more’, with only a handful of guests attending. And while the champagne flowed amongst family and friends following Yunni and Kevin’s captivating vows, no one could have asked for a more luminous day to celebrate a marriage filled with affection, adoration, and enchantment.

At the reception, Yunni and Kevin’s reverence for each other shone through the venue at Matilda Bay Restaurant, yet their benevolence with all those attending clearly presented that the day wasn’t just about them. It could be seen in their eyes, in their smiles, and in their gestures, that Yunni and Kevin very importantly saw their resplendent wedding celebrations as a time to thank all their devoted guests for the endless love and kindness they had received over the years.


If there was ever a wedding to indicate true showing of being indebted to those closest to you, it was Yunni and Kevin’s.  ​​​​​​​

With the groomsmen as the MCs, and decorative small plant pots personalised for guests to take home, there was not a dry eye in the house when Yunni’s esteemed father took her hands to gently waltz to ‘Dance With My Father’ by Luther Vandross. It grounded and silenced every heart present.


It was hard for anyone to not get caught up in the emotions of Yunni and Kevin’s wedding day, but being there to capture each moment for them meant everything unfolding before their very eyes would be encapsulated forever.​​​​​​​


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Our Lady Queen of Poland Catholic Church Wedding - Anna + Jakub Personal and Polish for Anna and Jakub

I absolutely loved the approach Anna and Jakub took to their wedding day on November 18th 2017, with it no doubt being more than 100% about comfortability and making things personal than about conventional expectations. There was so much laughter, joy and fun that they epitomised exactly how a wedding should be.  

Let me start by saying that the happy couple approached me just two weeks before their big day, asking if I could capture their moments from beginning to end. Originally from Poland, but working and setting up their lives in England, they had been planning a trip to Perth to visit Anna’s best friend Martha for some time. It was only in October they decided they would spend their time in town getting married – but when you’re in love, and in a beautiful part of the world, time does not bear importance, and hey, why not, right?!  

It was the most perfect weather to celebrate their commitment to one another. The day before had predicted a thunderstorm, but thankfully the sun shone bright and Perth well and truly put it on for them. 

Given Anna and Jakub were only in the country for five days, they could not have come at a better time, and with the smallest of ceremonies held at Our Lady Queen of Poland in Maylands, the bride and groom were off to a beautiful start. 

Anna and Jakub spoke fluent English, but the entire marriage ceremony was held in Polish. I understood not one single word, however one of the best things about photography is that verbal language isn’t needed when it comes to storytelling through pictures. Martha and her partner Tony acted as witnesses, and it was one of the most intimate, personal ceremonies I’d ever been a part of. 

Seeing as Anna and Jakub were only in Perth for a few days, it seemed appropriate to allow for photos to be taken across a wide variety of locations, including Hyde Park, beautiful Kings Park, iconic Crawley Boatshed, the Swan Brewery and City Beach. No more can be said about the perfection in the backdrop that was presented by Kings Park (thanks to Mother Nature for this one!), with the Jacaranda trees in bloom and blanketing the ground with flowers of blue-purple brilliance.

It was almost like the location was specially intended for them, the blissful couple looking like they belonged amongst the colours that complimented their boisterous personalities. And as busy as most places were that weekend with tourists and other weddings, one of the loveliest gestures was the waiting crowd allowing my bride and groom to cut the queue for photos at the boatshed. 

But what would a visit to Perth be, and even a wedding for that matter, if not for moments on the beach? City Beach was the perfect location for Anna and Jakub, and they were such a fun, engaging couple that there was certainly no holding them back when it came to splashing in the water and enjoying the west coast. 

Needless to say, Anna and Jakub were an incredibly relaxed, easy going and fun couple to shoot. We even ended the day with all three of us taking some selfies! 


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Woodloes Homestead Wedding - Kate + Eddy The essence of intimacy captured in one day 

Everyday connections are strengthened when you have someone who understands your mind, and it was a different kind of intimacy with the small-scale yet comfortably cozy wedding of Kate and Eddy early this month. 

Saturday, November 11 was a most delightfully day with beams of sun shining down on the couple throughout their ceremony and reception. Woodloes Homestead was their choice for both, and the location couldn’t have suited a more perfect couple. 

It was built all the way back in 1871 on the banks of the Canning River, and is the oldest building in the suburb; it’s situated among towering trees, and its design is of solid stone with a Victorian-Gregorian style. 

The property’s church is immaculate, and in the grand scheme of things, perfected the intimate theme Kate and Eddy appeared to have subtly created. Despite the church only being able to seat an abundance of perhaps 40 guests, it was this impressive feature of the locale that allowed me to get up close and personal when it came to capturing their ceremonial moments at the alter. It’s worth mentioning that Kate and Eddy met while being members of the Christian community, and while normally such a wedding would be quite grandiose and enormous, there’s represented the simplicity, the modesty, and the devotedness of a religion they felt strongly about. 
While the wedding itself was small, family members flew in from New Zealand to bear witness, and this was deemed more than enough to add to the depth of Kate and Eddy’s intimate wedding day.  Their vows were transient of the couple’s deep connection with one another, and ever minute of their day with friends and family was filled with laughter and love.

Outside, after the ceremony, still on the grounds of Woodloes Homestead, the light was flawless; in fact, it was impeccable for the lens, with the right amount of sunlight to not impact shade of the trees where the newly wed couple’s cocktail party was held.

With a couple tables set up, nibbles and the right amount of beverages, Kate and Eddy’s day was exactly as they envisaged it. Guests were handed an Insta camera to take snapshots and place the images in a guest book; certainly one of the more unique ways to yet again, give more intimacy to the day.

For a photographer, moments like this are a crowning glory. There’s extra opportunity to move amongst the guests, get a feel for their joy and thoughts, and put the lens right in the middle of private, quiet moments that will forever be instilled in the newly weds’ memories.    

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The Serbian Orthodox Church Wedding & Christianise - Christine + Zeljko Strength of tradition at Christine and Zeljko’s wedding

Few life events are more idealised than a wedding, and in many ways they can exceed all expectations. I was asked to photograph the exceptionally beautiful and unique wedding of Christine and Zeljko Stanic, a couple who were strengthening their Serbian culture by uniting it on the glorious morning of 28 Oct 2017.

As the modern-day era clashes with differing views of religion, politics, equal rights and more, in Perth it was a bringing together of two families that brought harmony and happiness to the locale of the city.

But the photography session was not an ordinary job; the day was to be filled with capturing the moments of the couple’s union, and then finishing it off with their son’s Christianisation (baptism).

Christine and Zeljko took a non-traditional approach to their photography requirements, with portraits taken outside at Brigatti Gardens before the wedding ceremony – something considered odd in a Western wedding. But it didn’t seem to faze the bride or groom, so we utilised all the beautiful daylight coming down from the skies to take natural shots of them with their eight-month-old son, Oscar. It was also a perfect time for them to relax a little before the big ceremony that lay ahead.

A beautifully constructed structure, the church provided me with a complete sense of worldly union, allowing me to feel as though I was in another place and time. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with icons, saints and stories from the Bible, and I took an interesting notice of how the bridal party’s male guests stood to one side and the women to the other. This is where Christine and Zeljko took to tradition – the Orthodox Church continues the practice of its Jewish roots, where men and women stand separately to emphasise everyone is equal before God.

The church was well lit, but the Tungsten lights made everyone appear somewhat orange. My trick was to use my camera’s speed light to even out the colours. Normally, the use of a flash is prohibited during a church ceremony, but the Serbian priest was overly relaxed with this rule, and I could do as I wished.

There were some words I don’t understood while photographing the couple at their ceremony, but it didn’t take away from the vibrancy of the guests, who truly shared in the new union between Christine and Zeljko. Their passion and happiness gave me the opportunity to anticipate every euphoric move by a guest, and capture as much enjoyment as possible – which was everywhere. No matter which way I turned, from the minute the ceremony started to the moment everyone walked out into the sunshine, there was something to turn my lens to and snap away wholeheartedly.

While the guests waited for baby Oscar’s Christianisation, nothing could stop me from smiling and getting into focus for the traditional Serbian music and dance that broke out. In vigour and delight, all attending showed Perth what a joyous occasion this wedding was, and for a photographer, non-stop movement and action is exciting and provides endless opportunities to get the shots you want. There was simply no stopping me. Or the guests, for that matter! Oscar’s Christianisation soon followed, and of course as children do, tears were the norm as the Serbian Orthodox priest bathed him and welcomed him officially into the church. And once Christine and Zeljko’s son was happy again, it was all celebrations and time to relax for everyone with a reception at the church.

I wish Christine and Zeljko a long, loving life together with their son Oscar, and can’t wait to capture their family as it continues to grow.

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Christ Church Claremont Wedding - Emily + Matt Emily and Matt had an intimate wedding ceremony at the Christ Church in Claremont on May 13, 2017 where they declared their love for one another in front of all their close friends and family. I had the most remarkable honour of photographing their big day, from the moment Emily’s bridesmaids helped her put the bridal gown on, to the after party at their chosen reception venue. 

Sometimes at random moments it hits me just how important my job is, and capturing Emily’s pre-wedding jitters and being a part of the couple’s special day was one of those times. Just seeing every person involved in the bridal party, both through the lens and out, I could tell how they had all awaited for the couple to tie the knot. Emily and Matt’s son Hudson provided an irresistible cuteness factor to the celebrations, especially with his bow tie, and as the girls got ready with champagne while ensuring each minor detail was perfect for Emily, we all left Yokine and headed to Claremont for the ceremony. 

Christ Church was built in 1893, and still today stands tall amongst the forward movement of time. It is one of the oldest suburban parish churches in Perth, and was built of local-quarried Cottesloe limestone. In a style considered Victorian Gothic Revival, its beautiful windows reflect a range of aesthetic, religious and commemorative interests, and was an impeccable setting for Emily and Matt.

As the newlyweds took every word in from the church’s residing priest, their smiles lit up the skies when they linked arms to make their way to the outside world as husband and wife for the first time. And as they mingled with their guests, it was prime opportunity to seize candid and private moments through the lens as they laughed, hugged, talked and engaged. To top it off, the weather certainly didn’t disappoint, with sunshine giving the day the best it had to offer. 

There was no hiding the joy and excitement of Emily and Matt’s nuptials as the photoshoot progressed over to the University of Western Australia. Granted, it is a very favoured location for wedding photos, but tied in perfectly with the backdrop of the church. UWA’s history dates back to humble beginnings in the early 1900s, and with gothic-style buildings and its large, imposing clock tower, the university was virtually the ideal backdrop for Emily, Matt and their bridal party.  

The reception was held at Acqua Viva on the Swan, in Nedlands. Emotions ran high at the after-party, where the couple didn’t hold back – tears and all. Chosen speech makers gave their messages of love and heartfelt advice, and as each glass was raised for the toasts, every person present showed happiness for Emily and Matt. The father-daughter dance was highly anticipated, and my photography skills didn’t hold back either as I covered every square inch of the dance floor to land each moment with the click of my shutter.

Weddings truly are special, not only for the bride and groom, but for those who have been witness to their relationship. Being one of those to have witnessed this, I felt I was truly blessed to have seen Emily and Matt turn the pages to the next chapter in their lives together. 

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Joondalup - Tiff + Joe - An earthly engagement An earthly engagement for Tiffany and Joe

Three destinations and a blissfully engaged couple were the premise for a late afternoon shoot in early September, where good fortune gave us stunning spring weather conditions, and I got to learn the story behind another bride and groom’s romantic beginnings. 

Who: Tiffany and Joe

Where: Calm Reserve Wanneroo, Neil Hawkins Park, Iluka Beach

When: 9 September, 2017 (early evening)

I approached Tiffany not too long ago to capture their engagement by way of a photography session, and so we all agreed on a collection of locations that would encapsulate their personalities and the rawness of the new chapter in their lives.

The first location I took them to was Calm Reserve at Lake Joondalup, about 30kms directly north of Perth and known to provide a beautiful backdrop of pine trees. It was the perfect scenery for the newly engaged couple – pine trees (and in this case, hundreds of Norfolk Island pines) symbolise birth, health, fertility, fortune and love. Quite fitting for these two, wouldn’t you say?

It was here that I asked about their engagement – much out of my own interest, but also as part of my technique to have them relax and become playfully carefree for the lens. I knew Tiffany and Joe had just come back from a wondrous holiday in Europe, and I queried why he chose not to propose to his charming bride at the acclaimed Eiffel Tower like so many other people do.

As it turns out, the story is far more enchanting and personal. The couple had just bought land together to build their dream home, and while inspecting it, Joe got down on bended knee with a custom-made ring. For them, the Eiffel Tower was meaningless, while their newly acquired earth represented the next step in building a future together.

I’m hearing hearts drop in sentiment, am I right?

Our second location was Neil Hawkins Park, also at pristine Lake Joondalup but on the other side, where I utilised the late afternoon sun and environment as natural reflectors. This approach comes in handy to add an extra ‘punch’ of light on my subjects automatically, bringing a brightness to the eyes and a glow to the skin.

Shooting about an hour before the sun officially starts to head home is a special time of day where everything with lighting just always seems to go right! It’s more flattering than the harsh midday sun, and golden light is fun to play and experiment with.

Iluka Beach was our last destination, and timing appeared perfect as we drove up and then made our way along the soft sand beach. This setting was an ideal representation of Tiffany’s triathlon career, embodying her enjoyment and freedom of the swimming legs of the races. The light was still unbelievable thanks to blue skies and a droplet of clouds that provided an aura of bliss for Tiffany and Joe. I setup my external speed-light, and away we snapped – the couple getting a bit more cuddlier as the temperature dropped, which absolutely worked in everyone’s favour.

Celebrating Tiffany and Joe together during this exciting time in their lives gave me true insight into how much they adore one another, and it’s easy to see how well they will work together as husband and wife in everything they do. They are planning for their wedding in two years’ time.

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Yellagonga Regional Park - Elyse + Todd - Holi Powder Engagement Life is a canvas for Elyse and Todd

Elyse and Todd’s engagement shoot on August 18 took us on a journey through Western Australia’s natural landscape, where we took advantage of secluded walking trails and expansive fields in Yellagonga Regional Park, just 20kms north of Perth.

Who: Elyse and Todd

Where: Yellagonga Regional Park

When: 18 August, 2017 Sunset

The forecast was for an overcast day, and as most photographers know, a cloudy day can leave you with either incredibly flattering results, or simply flat images. As prepared as I was, the engaged couple chose to do their photoshoot just before sunset, and this gave me so much more room to play with when it came to contrasts and highlights.

Elyse and Todd’s newly engaged bliss was contagious, and it was by far one of the sweetest atmospheres at a shoot. They had the most perfect moments between one another as I captured their endearing love, complemented by the fact that Elyse’s pooch Ripley was there too.

Backtracking a bit to give you a better picture, I’ve known Elyse and Todd for a few years now having gotten to know them through the sports scene. Both are especially active and adventurous, participating in events from 5k fun runs to marathons and Ironman triathlons, and Elyse’s best canine friend Ripley is quite active too.

The three of them together make for an electric and lively setting, and because Ripley was there when Elyse proposed to Todd with a chocolate freckle, it was only fitting that for the day’s shoot, the canine bestie be there too.

Yes! You read that right. Elyse proposed to Todd. Sure, it’s the grain against the norm, but who determines what the norm is?!

Anyway, before Ripley got too excited after spotting a mob of kangaroos, we headed over to a little spot called Perry’s Paddock for some fun with Holi Powder. We were all ready to be covered head to toe, and I knew none of us would stay clean – let alone my equipment. But who would I be if I said no to an opportunity like this?! All my gear was locked with heavy plastic protection to avoid any damage from the powder, and we were good to go.

I love that Elyse and Todd decided to incorporate Holi Powder for part of their shoot. What a fun explosion of colour! The first handful was thrown by Todd, and the festivities just kept coming. Even Ripley got himself in the middle of it all, covered in pinks and yellows. They truly made me realise that life is a canvas, and we should all paint it with as much brilliant colour and radiant energy as we can.

As the sun set and the night skies took over our shoot, we settled in for some end shots near and on a bare tree before packing up and finishing up for the day. It’s moments like these, helping capture the happiness between two people, that I live for.

This colourful, adventurous couple are planning their wedding for February 2018 at Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria.

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